Work in Farm Australia Farm work is one of the most popular experiences that Australia offers to his travelers. Australian Farms are specialized in cultivation and harvesting of fruits and vegetables, and animal breeding.
Farms are really popular and widespread, and thousands of foreign backpackers each year go contribute with their work to their success.

Farm work can last from few days to some months and represents a unique chance to taste the real Australian nature and culture. Farm life is surely a good and fast way to earn money: work are well paid and costs are very low.
The Australian government pushes young backpackers to work in farms, giving a second Working Holiday Visa to young workers that spend at least 88 days in the so-called Rural Areas (not necessarily in the same farm).

To have further info on a second working holiday just refer to australian Immigration department website unders section ““Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417)”.

How is farm work organized?

Most farms are working communities that also offer accommodation and meals. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience rural life intensively and at the same time a way to meet travelers from all over the world and share with them this experience.
The work is mostly paid by hour or by the amount of fruits and vegetables harvested; payment is usually weekly or bi-weekly.

Work in Farm: advices

While farm work in Australia is available throughout the year, before starting your journey check if you are planning to work in the right areas: the farm work is typically seasonal and influenced by the climates of different regions.
A very useful tool to understand how, where and in what time of the year you have the best chances to finding employment in a farm is the “National Harvest Guide”. This sort of “bible” of backpackers contains official and useful information on opportunities, working conditions, transport and work in farm.
It’s possible to download this guide Here .

For further informations call “National Harvest Telephone Information Service”: 1800 062 332. You can find the same info in Australia immigration department website Here.

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