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One of the most modern cities in Australia

Facing north, overlooking the Indian Ocean and enjoying a tropical climate; Darwin is the main point of passage from Australia to Indonesia and Asia.


The climate of Darwin, excluding the wet season (December/ January), is warm and pleasant; life and activities in the city take place outdoors and on the beach.

The surrounding nature is impressive; from the long sandy coasts to the endless Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park, which attract thousands of tourists during the dry season, from April to September.  

The various beaches offer cafes and restaurants to suit all budgets. On the Esplanade, Darwinians flock to enjoy the evening and chat with friends. The job opportunities are mainly concentrated in these areas; finding work in an ever-expanding city like Darwin will not be difficult, and the opportunity to meet other people ready for the adventure will be very simple. The city is a true crossroads of cultures, peoples, and languages.

Darwin has seen exponential growth in tourism. Small cafes and outdoor bars occupy the bays around the city and young people from all over the world flock to nightclubs waiting to leave for the adventure heading for Cairns or Alice Springs (towards then the most famous rock in the world: the Uluru).

In this city it is easy to find Aborigines quietly integrated with Western culture: their art, their culture and their music are an integral part of the life of the city and there is no lack of museums dedicated to Aboriginal art and small artisan shops selling t-shirts, ceramics and ornaments.