Go Study Australia

Work support is a central part of our assistance services in Australia

We know that working will be one of your biggest priorities. We provide our students with the best tools to find a job.
Don’t forget, however, that your knowledge of English will be the most important factor in the success of your experience.


  • Individual advice based on your work objectives
  • Occasional or professional job search seminars
  • All the bureaucratic support you need to work in Australia
Arrival support

  • Joining the GO STUDY Job Club
  • Translation of your CV in English and edited in the Australian format
  • Tax file number request
  • Assistance in opening an Australian Current Account
  • Application for and Reservation of Certificates: RSA (catering) Green/White Card (building)
  • GO STUDY newsletter subscription to always receive the latest job offers
Weekly Job Club

  • Group and individual consulting
  • Paths for finding professional and casual jobs
  • Contacts from our network of employers
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Extra support for specific field work
  • Tax Refund and Super Annuation Refund orientation: request for reimbursement of accumulated taxes and social security contributions
Most of our students find their first job between two and six weeks of arrival

It is essential to arrive at your Australian destination with a visa that includes the right to work in Australia. The length of job hunting usually depends on your level of English proficiency, your destination, and your approach to research.

NAATI Certified Translations

In order to gain employment in some fields, it is necessary to translate your study title (diploma, degree, master, professional course) and any letters of reference into English.

One of our advisors can also assist you in this aspect by contacting NAATI translators – the only certified translators in Australia to translate documents into English!

It is important to know that:

  • Being promised a job in Australia before departure is illegal, but finding a job once you arrive is relatively simple.
  • GO STUDY cannot guarantee a job, but will assist you with the best support to find a job in a short time.
  • English is the best tool for getting a job and achieving professional results in Australia. If you want to maximize your opportunities, take a language course and get an IELTS/Cambridge certificate.