Go Study Australia

A Study Holiday in Australia is much more than a trip!

Learning English while having fun will be the mantra of your Australian experience!

With GO STUDY, you can find new friends who, like you, have decided to learn English while travelling. Many events and excursions await you in the land down under to offer a unique experience that allows you to discover dream places and collect unforgettable memories.

study holiday in Australia

Choosing the perfect destination for you

Australia is an immense continent: choose the one that suits you the most from all possible destinations.

Study modern cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, or spend your Australian Study Holiday in a small tropical paradise.

study holiday in Australia

A full immersion in Australia to learn English!

Combining study and fun with the studying holiday formula allows you to greatly improve your English fluency while collecting many memories through amazing experiences.

GoStudy Australia Advisors

We are always by your side

Our community will accompany you on this incredible journey to discover Australia with many events and parties, excursions and tours. Our expert advisors have all been through this process, so they will also be a concrete support system for every need during your stay.

Grow yourself while having the best time of your life!

Join our international community in Australia and enjoy events, experiences and many new friends!

Choosing a quality school

Do you know what the characteristics are of a good school? We explain this to you:

  • A good mix of student nationalities,
  • Limited number of students per class,
  • Flexible timetables,
  • Student support services,
  • State-of-the-art location and infrastructure.
Choose the English language course that suits you best!

We collaborate with more than 200 schools, with different characteristics and courses, throughout Australia. Together, with our Student Advisors, you can choose the school and course that suits you best. We have access to discounted prices for all our students, giving you the best deal possible.

Where to stay during your study holiday in Australia?

For your study holiday, we suggest different accommodation solutions – from student residence and Australian families to an apartment shared with other international students. Choose the accommodation you prefer according to your expectations and enjoy your study holiday to the fullest!

study holiday in Australia

And finally, Welcome to Australia!

When you arrive in Australia, you will continue to be supported by your GO STUDY supervisor from your home country for the duration of your stay. So, no worries mate and enjoy your adventure Down Under!

study in Australia