University Australia


To study at an Australian university means to live an extraordinary academic and cultural experience.

Australian universities offer Bachelor Degree, Master and PhD courses amongst the finest in the world.
Go Study Australia can assist you in the choice and application procedure to be part of for any of the 40 Australian institutions (37 public and 3 private).

Why choose an Australian University?

  1. Australian universities are amongst the best in the world

  2. 5 Australian universities currently rank amongst the 100 most prestigious worldwide

  3. The academic approach is innovative due to extensive investments in research and development

  4. The academic infrastructure is amongst the best in the world: campus, labs, sport facilities, research hubs, libraries

  5. Provide excellent support for job placement with direct links to the professional world

How can we help?

Go Study can provide free assistance to:

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    Choose a course or university

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    Obtain documents and certifications required by universities

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    Help you manage the university application procedure

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    Provide administration support for student visa processes (only) 

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    Provide accommodation
  • To apply for a university in Australia an international certification of proficient knowledge of English language is required (IELTS/TOEL). Go Study can assist you in the selection of an adequate preparation course to gain such a certificate or suggest an Academic English (EAP) course thus to obtain direct entry for a selected Bachelor or Master Degree course.

From academic to professional: post study work visa

The Australian government facilitates international student’s entry requirements in the Australian work force through a working Visa granted to those who have enrolled in a higher education course.

  • A Bachelor degree o a Master by coursework in Australia guarantees a 2 year work Visa

  • A Master by research or a Phd in Australia guarantees a 3 year work Visa

The new post study work visa is a unique opportunity.

Upon completion of studies you will be a bilingual graduate with excellent opportunities to access a full time work contract which often represents ground for a permanent transfer to Australia.

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