Why work in Australia?

The Australian economy is growing very quickly and every city offers lots of jobs opportunities. Whether you want to change your life or just work abroad for a while, a move to Australia is an exciting step to take. To understand the importance of foreign workers for Australian economy, just consider that 25% of Australian workers were not born in Australia.

Salaries are above the average of most european countries – and minimum wages are the highest in the world – and the quality of life is very high, with a fantastic climate and scenery, relaxed lifestyle, low stress and excellent public services.

These days, unlike many other countries, Australia really offers great work opportunities. International workers and students are often surprised to find their first job just a few days or weeks after their arrival. Despite the strong economy and good job opportunities, the best jobs and salaries can only be achieved with a good English level. So don’t expect miracles: if you want to have success, you have to get your English to a very good level.

Work and Study in Australia

Almost every foreign student in Australia works. Casual jobs and hospitality jobs provide a reasonable income (remember: minmum wages in Australia are the highest in the world) and help students practice their English and learn about real Australian life.

With a part-time job you can cover the cost of rent , food and transportation. Typically students work in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and in the tourism sector. However, there are no restrictions and any time of job is possible. Casual jobs are generally well paid and do not require an excellent English level, so they are well suited to international students.

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Our services are free, contact us!