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Stories from Australia

Florence – from Netherlands

Florence wanted to share her GO STUDY experience in Melbourne with us. Don’t miss her story, it proves that, in Australia, anything is possible! Keep it up, Flo!

  • Melbourne

Cat – from UK

I came to Australia looking for an adventure. Two and a half years later I’m still here and madly in love with this country!

  • Sydney

Oiane – from Spain

I decided to begin my Australian journey in the cultural city of Melbourne. I began with an English language course and once finishing that, I will begin another course of study that will go for one year. 

  • Melbourne

Alessandro – from Italy

Alessandro found living and working in Australia difficult to begin with because of the language barrier. Adjusting to a new environment and lifestyle was challenging but allowed him to grow as a person.

  • Sydney

The Charruau Family – from France

Could you imagine a whole family studying English in the same school? This is exactly what happened in Sydney a few weeks ago when the Charruau’s came to Australia because all of them wanted to get some English skills.

  • Sydney

Francesco – from Italy

“My advice is: if you want to do only one year of travel or are looking for a turning point in your life, Australia is a fantastic country that won’t disappoint you. Set off and embark upon this new adventure!”

  • Sydney

Erika – from France

Erika is from Caen, in the North of France. She was studying Psychology at University when she felt the need for a new adventure. But, most importantly, she wanted to improve her English!

  • Brisbane

Dario – from Italy

Dario is a young double bass player from Italy. He came to Australia in 2016 to pursue his passion for music and have an adventure. Being more than 31 years old, Dario couldn’t apply for a Working Holiday Visa. Discover his new life in Melbourne and how GO STUDY helped him to realise his Australian Dream.

  • Sydney