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Opening a bank account in Australia is a major issue for some but Commonwealth Bank makes it easy. Choosing the right bank, understanding the paperwork needed, knowing how to transfer money before departure and accessing it upon arrival are just some of the issues faced by our travellers.

Go Study is here to help!

With an established partnership with one of Australia’s leading banks – Commonwealth Bank – the process is hassle free!

Opening an Account with Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s leading provider of integrated financial services. As an international student, opening a bank account with Commonwealth couldn’t be easier. The online application process (detailed below) will take around five minutes to complete before your very own Australian bank account will be opened.

The process with be just as easy when you arrive in Australia. Once you visit the location you specified in your application, with the necessary documentation, you will be in the final stages to receiving your new bank card.

  • For Student Visa Holders, a card will be ordered once you visit a branch in Australia.
  • For Working Holiday Visa Holders, a card will be ready for collection once you visit a branch in Australia.
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Why Choose Commonwealth Bank?

  • Easy online access
  • Easy money transfer before arrival
  • Fees waived for the first 12 months
  • Account tailored to your needs, whether you study or work
  • Convenient phone application (CommBank) that can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, access online banking and issue bank statements.
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The Sign-Up Process

Step 1

You will be presented with two options:

The Everyday Account Smart Access account is for people who are in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

The Student Everyday Account Smart Access account is for someone who is in Australia on a Student Visa.

Step 2

You should be looking at applying for your Australian bank account three months prior to your arrival.

Start by providing some basic information about yourself. This information should match what is on your current passport.

Step 3

Choose your preferred language and enter your email address and phone number. Provide your date of birth and enter your Australian residential address.

Note: provide your overseas phone number in  “Contact Number” field. 

Step 4

You’ll have to visit a branch to activate your account once you arrive in Australia, so make sure you pick one that is local to you.

You will have to bring your current passport, tax identification number and (students only) student ID or letter of enrolment.

Step 5

Create a safe password. After this step, you will be able to access NetBank, Commonwealth’s online banking platform. You will now be able to transfer money to your new Australian bank account.