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Moving to Australia with your family can be a very complex and rather long process.

The ideal way to make this move is to start out alone by applying for residency, and only then try to relocate the whole family.


Sponsorship is a very effective tool for embarking on a journey of family relocation in Australia, but it is not easy to get it quickly. That is why it’s good to have a lot of patience and be aware that the road will be long and complicated. However, if this is your dream, you should try it anyway by organizing your transfer in such a way as to increase your chances of success. The most important thing is to find a job, and it is, therefore, necessary to arrive in Australia with a visa that offers you the right to work.


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If you are above 31 years of age, the visa with which to start this adventure is the Student Visa. This visa allows you to work, even if you have passed the age range allowed by a Working Holiday, provided that you attend a course of study. The duration of the visa is linked to the duration of the course associated with it, whether it is English, Professional, University or Post-University courses. The possession of a diploma and an IELTS certificate is necessary for all courses except for English courses, which do not have any prerequisites for access.

In case you want to leave immediately with your family, you will need to attach additional official documents that have been translated and authenticated at the time of the request.

  • Children’s birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Family status
  • Copies of all authenticated passports (from the municipality, police station or peace magistrate)

For a whole family, it is, therefore, advisable to move well in advance to organize everything.

School-age children (from five years old in Australia) are required to enrol in school. The cost of compulsory schooling varies between $5,000 (AUD) and $10,000 (AUD) a year depending on the Australian state (NSW, Victoria, QLD, Tasmania, South, and Western Australia) and, therefore, can be quite expensive.


Since the process of family transfers to Australia are so complex and delicate, we always advise you to take one step at a time: it is easier for the parent with the greatest opportunities to find work and settle in Australia arrives alone to get set up, allowing the rest of the family to emigrate when they have verified that the conditions are suitable for a long-term transfer.

Finally, it must be demonstrated that the household has enough money to support itself and that the intention of the move is to study and work.

We do not wish to discourage the dream of those wanting to move to Australia with their family. Instead, we want to make them aware of all the possible problems that they may encounter and help them prepare themselves as well as possible to accomplish their dream.

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