Vocational Courses VET in Australia

Go Study works jointly with hundreds of colleges private and public that offer vocational training courses in Australia.

What are vocational courses?

Professional courses otherwise known as VET (Vocational Education and Training), are training courses offered by accredited Australian educational institutions that feature a strong practical content focusing on building specific skills.

VET courses are the best choice for those who wish to find a job in Australia in specific industries. VET courses other that practical learning of a trade or “vocation” issue a certificate highly demanded from employers.

A VET recognition is a qualifying prerequisite sometimes necessary to undertake a migration pathway in Australia.

Why choose a professional course?

  1. Schedule of attendance is weekly and flexible ideal for those who wish to work while they study

  2. Vocational courses can be paid by installments and on a long term basis

  3. To undertake specific jobs a qualifying training course is an advantage or in certain cases may be mandatory

  4. Vocational courses may be integrated and partly substitute a higher education pathway, conveniently priced and more career oriented

  5. Institutions offering VET courses often offer direct point of access to the work world

Entry Requirements

A certain level of English is required (>5.5) IELTS)

A degree, depending on your country education pathway

Which course to choose?

There are hundreds of different courses on offer. The most popular areas are:

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    Business and Marketing

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  • List item image
    Sport and Fitness

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    IT and New Media

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  • List item image
    Chef and Cookery

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    Graphic Design

Vocational courses are offered by Australian private colleges or public TAFE (Technical and further education).

Go Study has access to promotional fees for the majority of the vocational courses.

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