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Vocational courses in Australia, called VET (Vocational Education and Training), are training courses offered by accredited Australian educational bodies. They have strong practical content and are oriented to train you for a specific profession.

VET courses are the best choice for those who want to find a job in Australia in specific professional sectors. In fact, a VET course, in addition to teaching a “trade” in a practical way, issues you with upon completion. Many jobs around Australia require a level of further education to be considered for the role.

In some cases, a VET course is a requirement that may be necessary to undertake an immigration journey to Australia.

We work with many Australian schools to offer you the most suitable course to enhance your professional profile and get the best out of the world of work.


  1. The first requirement is language knowledge.

In order to access an Australian vocational course, you must have an Intermediate level understanding of English, and, in some cases, you must have an IELTS certificate (average score at least 5.5 or higher) or a Cambridge certificate (FCE or higher).

If your knowledge of English is not sufficient, you can begin with an Academic English course and prepare for language certification to be able to access the professional course you are interested in.

2. The second requirement is your academic background.

In order to access the first level of a VET course, the minimum requirement is to have attended and completed at least the third year of high school in your home country.

3. Finally, the third requirement concerns visas.

  • To attend a professional course in Australia, you must apply for a Study Visa (Student Visa). A Study Visa will last, depending on the duration of the course(s) you are enrolling in.
  • The Working Holiday Visa, in fact, provides a study limit of 17 weeks – which is not enough time to complete a professional course.
Professional courses are organized into levels that, once completed, unlock the next one:
  • Certificate II
  • Certificate III
  • Certificate IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma

Often, the courses already start from Certificate III or IV and after completing them you can access the Diploma and complete the qualification. The full duration of a Diploma or Advanced Diploma may go beyond two years.


1. The weekly attendance time is flexible and suitable for those who wish to work while studying.

2. Australian vocational courses can be paid for in installments, even for very long periods.

3. In order to find work in specific occupations, it is appropriate or necessary to have a qualification obtained by means of a professional course.

4. Professional courses in Australia can be integrated with a university degree.

5. Schools offering VET courses often offer direct contact with the world of work, through internships or training placements.

For an international student, attending a vocational course can be an excellent springboard for trying to get a visa to stay in Australia. The list of the most popular professions in the country can be found directly on the Australian immigration website.


Why attend a vocational course in Australia?

Professional courses in Australia are also open to international students if registered through CRICOS (Register of accredited courses for international students).

In addition to teaching a “trade” in a practical way, vocational courses have a great value; they deliver degrees that are highly sought after by the Australian labour market. Some VET courses may replace the first year of university (thus reducing the cost of the course of study).

Some professions in Australia do not require a degree, but the qualification can be obtained with a two-year diploma, as in the case of an accountant or childhood educator.