An English language course in Australia is the best way to begin your Australia experience.

Throughout your adventure, acquiring good English skills is essential communicating effectively, building a social and professional network and meeting friends from all parts of the world. You will need to understand people and be understood when you speak. Enrolling in an English course in Australia is one of the best ways to do this so you can master the skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar!

But how to choose a school that caters for your needs?

Go Study can help you! 

We are the largest agent in Western Europe. Over 20,000 students have studied through us. We offer free support and free counselling to help you select a college using our expert experience and hands-on approach. We represent over 200 institutions across Australia and have negotiated the best promotional fees to ensure you meet your goals at an affordable price.

Once you have chosen your language course, Go Study will help you submit your application, confirm your booking and even more – all for free.

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Our Go study Team members speak English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Many Go Study students will begin their pathway with a General English course and then move onto specific units such as IELTS and Cambridge preparation courses. Others will require further specific courses depending on professional requirements such as Business English or Teacher Training Courses.

The duration and type of course suggested will vary and depend on your starting point, your career objectives and Visa type. Most students will study between 4 and 48 weeks depending on their starting level, and their end goal.

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A counsellor will get back to you within 24h.

We will find the school and course that best fits your level of Englishyour budget and your goals, guaranteeing the best fees available.

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Do you want to study in the inner city, beach or bushland? We can find the school near where you live.

What outcome do you want and in what time-frame? Different schools excel at different goal outcomes.

Do you want to specialise in Cambridge, Academic English Preparation, General Conversation etc.?

We can recommend high-end colleges, middle range colleges, best value colleges and budget options. You should not always base your decision on price, but we understand it is important.

A good teacher can make or break your learning experience. We can advise you on which colleges get great feedback, and which colleges get poor feedback.

If you are looking to study at a vocational or higher education level afterwards, it’s important to know which colleges will recognise your language skills based on your English school.

We all want to have fun right? Go Study can advise you on which colleges put extra effort into the social side of learning, what colleges have fun activities etc.

Schools offer special promotions to Go Study students, from special pricing, to reduce enrolment fees and sometimes free gifts. So ask us about special promotions and we can find the best deal for you.


We are in Australia for you!

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