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My name is Chloe, originally from France, I have been living in Australia for 4 years.

I arrived with a work visa to work for a French company, so I straight away settled in Sydney and what a dream it has been. Over these 4 years I also had the chance to explore various places, from Melbourne to Cairns, passing through Brisbane & Airlie Beach, and I must say : I can’t wait to explore MUCH MORE Australia as it looks like a never ending journey of discovery to me.

Super Power: Variability and Adjustability: Each day brings its own uniqueness, embracing life spontaneously without preconceived plans.

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“Dream it, then make it happen. Everything happens in two places: First your mind, then your life.”



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Why would you recommend travelling to Australia?

Australia is not only a country but also a whole lifestyle: Imagine starting your day by rising early, watching a sunrise with a cup of coffee, perhaps going for a morning swim, and then diving into your workday. To me this is the perfect routine to keep a healthy balance between personal and professional life and it sounds pretty exotic!
On weekends, the adventure continues. Picture yourself embarking on a road trip in your 4×4, ready to explore the breath-taking natural wonders that Australia offers. 

It may sound like a cliché, but that’s the genuine reality here, mate!

Why did you choose Sydney?

To me, Sydney offers a perfect combination between the vibrant city life and the laid-back beach lifestyle; ensuring there is always something exciting to do

Do you have any tips for future travellers?

If it’s on your mind, go ahead and take the plunge. There’s nothing to lose—only experiences that will shape you for the future.