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I’m Maria, 29 years old from Barcelona. I lived in Australia for almost 3 years.

First I went as a student to live an experience but then I realised it was my place. I applied for the work and holiday visa and every 6 months I’ve changed places. During the pandemic I lived in the Canary Islands, Ibiza and London. But it is time to go back to my fav places, Australia!

Super Power: To discover the cool spots and right places to go when travelling and for taking pictures ;)n my phone tho’

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Why would you recommend travelling to Australia?

Living abroad is a unique experience. I would recommend everyone to at least give a chance to the opportunity to develop themselves out of their comfort zone. Australia is a great country, with lots of opportunities, wildlife and nature. It is a different places for most of us maybe that’s why we fall in love with it.

Why did you choose Sydney? 

I lived in Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Cairns and visited Gold Coast and Byron Bay like 10 times. Definitely I’d choose Sunshine or Gold Coast because of their good weather, it is possible to surf all year round and the slow life makes me happy and inspired.

Do you have any tips for future travellers?

Sometimes it looks more difficult or a long way to leave your hometown. I’d say it is easy, specially Australia is perfect to start a life from 0 easily. So just have a good attitude and live the adventure as it comes.