Go Study Australia

“Thank you GO STUDY, thank you Benjamin, thank you Australia and all the people I met who have made my dream come true. And especially do not hesitate to contact them, even if it’s only for a simple question, information or a project, they will know how to guide you!”

Caroline, 27 years old, was working closely with people with disabilities as a medical aid psychologist in the Vaucluse, south of France.

She then decided to apply for a Working Holiday Visa and ended up working as an au pair in Victoria and as a facilitator in a Holiday Centre. She then made the decision to get training to become an Early Childhood Educator to be able to get Permanent Residency in Australia. Here’s what Caroline had to say about her Australian experience!

You had already been to Australia, why go back?

I had previously worked and travelled to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. I contacted GO STUDY Australia because I wanted to return there, to rediscover the beauty of the country’s living environment, the mentality, but also the professional opportunities. GO STUDY helped me to find the right training in line with my past experiences and my future project. They are always available and guide you from the beginning (choice of the school, application, CV, motivation letter, link with the school, visa, setting up, bank account, Sim card, follow-up of the training, job support…).

How’s your new life going?

Having already lived in Perth, I didn’t have any problems finding accommodation. However, it was more difficult for me to find a job. Unlike the Working Holiday Visa, the Student Visa only allows you to work 20 hours a week.

My course (Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate III) started in March 2018, at the end of the summer period in Perth. This is a less favourable time to find work in hospitality.

However, I will always be extremely thankful to GO STUDY Australia and to Benjamin for being active and always available to help me find a job in line with my desires and my professional background. Now, I work as a teacher in a French preschool in Perth.”

Perth is famous for its nice weather, what do you think about it?

Perth is the sunniest city in Australia. The weather is nice and mild even during winter (June, July, August), which was essential for me. I enjoy life in Perth, here you can have all the comforts of a big city without losing the contact with nature: doing outdoor activities, going to the beach and visiting national parks.

Have you discovered new places in Australia? What’s your favourite spot?

There are so many beautiful landscapes hidden in the most remote places (near the cities, for example). Australia is huge and hosts so many national parks with wonderful fauna and flora. The best spot I’ve ever visited? The Fruit Ball Falls, in Cape York, in the north-east of Australia.

What’s your best memory? Is there a story you want to tell?

Difficult to say, I have too many good memories… like spending the evening with friends, drinking wine and staring at the Milky Way, while lying on a beach in the Wilson Promontory National Park.

Strangely enough, the best experience was working in a farm in Tasmania (remember: in order to renew your Working Holiday Visa, you must work 88 days in the primary sector). Why? Sharing this experience with other backpackers coming from different backgrounds was simply amazing! Well, you need to get up early but then you can enjoy wonderful sunrises and if you have the chance to finish early in the afternoon, you can visit and spend good time with your colleagues.

An anecdote?

I was on a road trip and in the middle of the night, I felt like going to the toilet and went out of the tent. It was dark and couldn’t see anything, so I didn’t know where I was walking. And then, I started to feel something moving under my feet. I was screaming and my colleague went out from the tent with his torch. At that time, we realised I walked on a snake; not too big, inoffensive, but still a snake.

Little advice? Never ever walking in the night without a torch!

Anything else you would like to say?

Thank you GO STUDY, thank you Benjamin, thank you Australia and all the people I met who have made my dream come true. And especially do not hesitate to contact them, even if it’s only for a simple question, information, or a project, they will know how to guide you!