Go Study Australia

From the Netherlands to Social Media Stardom, Australia changed Florence's life.

After arriving in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, Florence starred on a hit TV show which did wonders for her Australian journey. Her social media following grew and Florence decided she better stay and make the most of this experience. 

Finishing up with the show, Florence decided to stay in Melbourne and study. After contacting GO STUDY, Florence sat down with an expert counsellor and picked a school and a course to specialise in: Social Media Marketing. 


Check out Florence’s video interview!

Our GO STUDY Legend Florence was on a popular Aussie TV show called Bachelor in Paradise. She wanted to share her GO STUDY experience in Melbourne with us. Don’t miss her story, it proves that, in Australia, anything is possible! Keep it up, Flo!

Hey! My name is
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, Netherlands
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Melbourne, Australia
Social Media Marketing