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Extend your stay in Australia with TAFE NSW's unique courses and secure well-paid jobs

Are you looking to extend your stay in Australia? Do you want to pursue a career in high-demand industries and secure well-paid jobs? Look no further than TAFE NSW! Their tailored courses are designed to not only enhance your skills but also provide you with the opportunity to stay longer in this beautiful country.



  • Top Provider: TAFE NSW is the leading provider of vocational education training in Australia.
  • Rich History: They have over 130 years of experience
  • Convenient Locations: Over 30 locations in NSW
  • Wide Range of Courses: They offer hundreds of great courses. Whether you want to become a beautician, fashion designer, or work in construction in Australia, they’ve got you covered.
  • Scholarships: Financial support is available through various scholarships.
  • Expert Instructors: Industry-experienced and qualified teachers bring up-to-date and real-world skills directly to the classroom.
  • Work Placements: Valuable work placements with over 25,000 employer connections give you hands-on experience.
  • Support Services: They offer counseling and career advice to help you succeed in your career in Australia
  • At TAFE NSW you’ll get top-notch education and support every step of the way, plus a great campus life to enrich your experience.
  • With their quality, reputation, and work connections, graduates can be sure they have everything they need to secure the best jobs.
  • Whether you’re into Fashion Design, Event Management, Beauty Therapy, Dental Technology, Visual Arts, Painting and Decorating, or Building and Construction, TAFE NSW can help you become a top professional in one of Australia’s best-paid jobs.
  • Studying at TAFE NSW is your key to staying longer in Australia, with the possibility of obtaining a post-study work visa (485) and extending your stay for up to three years, depending on your studies.