General English Course Australia

The course of General English is designed for those who wish to improve their English skills all round: conversational, oral comprehension, writing, grammar and vocabulary.
The course focuses on the daily use of the language for life and work needs as well as common jargon expressions useful to adapt to new environments and facilitate cultural exchange.
All schools structure General English courses on different class levels, from Beginners to Advanced. Levels are assigned after an entry language test.

General English


There are five General English levels usually. High profile schools may feature additional levels.

  1. Beginner – for those who approach the language for the first time. In high profile schools it is followed by elementary level with knowledge of basic grammar.

  2. Pre-intermediate – for those who understand written English but encounter difficulty with verbal expression

  3. Intermediate – for those who have undertaken proficient English through school, usually with a good written comprehension and already proficient in oral and written English.

  4. Upper-intermediate – for those who have practiced the language, are able to read independently, can have a conversation and practice good written skills. In high profile schools this level is followed by Pre-Advanced.

  5. Advanced – for those with good knowledge of English and wish to enhance their skills. Some schools feature General English Plus focused on academic content, extensive vocabulary and advanced written competencies.

Courses are based on a 12-week duration which schools consider mandatory in order to progress to the next level. This pathway may be customized however depending on personal requirements.
Most schools have a Monday intake. Schools with a high academic quality have a dedicated calendar with a monthly intake. This enables a new start with a leveled class.
General English Courses are held in the morning or afternoon.
Upon completion of the course, schools issue a certificate of attendance with the number of weeks undertaken and English level achieved.