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The University of Adelaide’s mission is to foster prosperous, entrepreneurial future for South Australia built on knowledge, innovation and collaboration.

The university is a member of the prestigious group of eight research-intensive Australian universities and is one of the world’s leading institutions for education and innovation.



The University of Adelaide’s distinguished alumni include five Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Rhodes Scholars, including Australia’s first Indigenous scholar, and Australia’s first female Prime Minister and Supreme Court Justice. Many of the staff and faculty are internationally recognised leaders in their fields. And we attract a diverse student body of over 27,000 from more than 90 countries.

They are a dynamic player in society, leading the community in implementing change for social and economic benefit. They listen to industry and work with diverse community groups to provide education and research of the highest value and impact.

The University of Adelaide’s picturesque North Terrace Campus is located in the heart of the city of Adelaide, overlooking the Torrens River.

Why the University of Adelaide?

  1. Top 100 Universities worldwide
  2. N1 between the Group of 8 Universities for student satisfaction
  3. One extra year of in-country post-study work
  4. Adelaide is the world’s third most liveable city

Top Courses Available

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Scholarship at the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide has a bunch of scholarships available specifically to international students, with different sets of criteria. Check out everything they have to offer scholarship wise here.

A great university with a proud track record of having produced outstanding researchers and scholars. A location within the city centre makes it easily accessible. The campus in the city centre is within easy walking distance to buses, trams and trains.

Lectures are very helpful and professional.

Woodrow Johnson from UK – Master of Education