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Do you love sports and fitness and you want to help others to live a healthier life?

Becoming a fitness instructor would be perfect for you!

All over the world, the demand for fitness facilities is growing since more people want to live healthily and stay fit throughout their life. Due to this growth, studying a fitness course will be rewarded. But how can you become a fitness instructor

To be a fitness instructor, you need to have a qualified degree in Australia, which means that you need to study a course with the Certificate III in Fitness or the Certificate IV in Fitness.

During these courses, you will learn and practice the important tasks of a fitness trainer, such as creating fitness programs, delivering fitness activities, demonstrating and teaching skills and movements in fitness routines.

Do you want to study fitness while enjoying the sun, the best weather of Australia, the most beautiful beaches and coastlines? Go to Queensland!

Queensland offers a great range of fitness courses, all recognized worldwide, which means that after finishing the course you can work as a fitness instructor everywhere in the world. But of course, we do totally understand if you want to stay in this beautiful country.

Queensland has a lot to offer:

  • Queensland has one of the most iconic coastlines: The Gold Coast.
  • The Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the seven wonders of the world!
  • Queensland will give you the real Australian experience since more locals live there.

Sounds good right?

Studying and exercising at the same time, who doesn’t want that?!

Studying a Fitness Course will gain you the skills you need to help others by encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. During the course, you will put the theory into practice, which means that you will study in a real-world learning environment. These courses are perfect for people who enjoy playing sports, wants to stay active but also want to experience the amazing Australian lifestyle.

The duration of the course is 52 weeks and the cost starts from $AU 8,480.

On the other side, these are the potential careers and salaries after the completion of the course:

  • Personal Trainer: $48,751 – $76,444* per year.
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor: $61,473 – $76,191* per year.
  • Massage Therapist: $53,470 – $65,192* per year.

Besides the great salary, there are some more amazing job outcomes:

  • Flexible working hours, so work your own hours!
  • You can work outdoors and enjoying the sun.
  • Keep fit while you work.
  • Working as a fitness instructor is a lot of fun!
  • Meet new people and help them to achieve their goals.


  • There is a high demand for sports instructors. So you will almost always find a job!
  • The courses are innovative with real-world training facilities.
  • You can stay longer in this beautiful country.
  • Study in the sun with lots of outdoor activities!


  • You need to have a work visa (Australia working holiday visa or student visa). But no worries, we can help you with information about how to get a work visa.
  • You need to have an English IELTS level above 5.5. If necessary, you can follow an English course to pass the test.
  • If you want to study the fitness Certificate IV, there are some other requirements, but we would love to help you with that!

Besides these requirements, there are also some personal skills which are important to have:

  • Of course, you need to be passionate about sports and fitness;
  • It is also important to be in good shape;
  • Strong communicative and interpersonal skills.

Enthusiastic about the course? Please contact us, and we would love to help you by finding the best fitness courses in Queensland. We know everything about studying and living in Queensland, the courses and how to get a work visa and are able to solve every question for you. 

Contact us, and we will help you to become a fitness instructor and to have the best experience in Queensland!