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Business skills are critical for anyone looking to advance their career around the world.

Would you like to study Business in Australia but you are not sure what the best options are to get a degree? We have made a list for you with the best options to study business and business administration in Australia so you can take your career to the next level!

Business is the most area among international students in Australia, in fact over 25% of international students in Australia study business related courses.

It’s easy to understand why business courses are so popular as they provide everyday skills to run and grow companies around the world.  Australia is an excellent place to prepare for your career in business because:

  • Australia offers a wide range of business studies across a large number of universities and colleges. Examples of specialisations that universities and colleges offer are accounting, business analytics, business administration, economics, finance, international business and marketing. There is enough choice that will fit your needs.
  • There are a lot of career opportunities after finishing your business studies. According to Seek.com (an employment marketplace) the job growth from 2018 to 2023 will be 7% per year for business related courses 
  • According to Seek.com is the average salary of a business manager between $AUD 120k and $AUD 140k but it can go much higher for more successful companies.
  • All the business courses in Australia are recognized internationally, and within the Australian business qualifications there is a strong focus on thinking globally in an environment that brings together Eastern and Western perspectives of business and management. This global focus opens a lot of doors for you to work almost everywhere in the world! 
  • There are opportunities to stay in Australia, especially for those with skills that are in demand (for example business systems analysts and accountants) since they can apply for permanent residency when they meet the eligibility requirements. For more information contact Go Study. 

So studying business is definitely a great choice for international students!

There are two opportunities to study business; 

  • Studying Business at a University and get a bachelor’s degree and; 
  • Studying business at a Vocational course and get a certificate or diploma. 

We hear you thinking, what is exactly the difference?

Higher Education vs Vocational

The educational basis for higher education versus vocational are quite different.  One of the biggest differences is that a bachelor’s degree is focused on the theoretical learning, research, and discussion  while a vocational certificate or diploma is more focused on learning the practical skills.  

Another difference is that studying at a Vocational college is generally a lot cheaper and takes less time than studying at a university. A diploma will take you about one year, while a bachelor’s degree will take you three to four years. A diploma focuses on ‘units of competency and is pass/fail on skills, while a bachelor’s degree educates you ‘by subject’ so you can dive deep into things like business administration, organisational behaviour, accounting and more. A bachelor will give you post study work rights for 2 years, which means that you can live and work in Australia for these years. 

It can also be a huge benefit to study business in a regional area, since you can get permanent residency (PR) opportunities. For more information read here.

Now the difference has been made clear, here is our list of  the 6 best universities and the 5 best colleges to study business in Australia. 

Top 6 Universities to get a Business bachelor’s degree:


Torrens University is the third private University in Australia, opened in 2014. The university has locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. It is part of the Laureate International Universities network, which is a network that is operated by a US company that owns and operates in over 28 countries with more than 1 million students. The infrastructure of international students is really strong at Torrens and the education is fresh and innovative.

Torrens University offers different business bachelors, for example business entrepreneurship or business information systems. So there are lots of options for you to choose the business bachelor that fits your needs!

Why we love Torrens

Torrens is part of an exciting global network of quality institutions, students and alumni. Due to the small class environments and the opportunity to study business online, the global network is extremely accessible. As a result, Torrens students get all the tools to kick start their professional networks.

Torrens is also one of the cheapest universities in Australia and offers scholarships up to 30% of your tuition fees so you can study for as little as $AUD 15,400 per year. Its a bargain price for higher education and gives you access to the post graduate work visa (485)

Excited about studying marketing at Torrens University? Please contact Go study for further information about the course and scholarships.


The Edith Cowan University (ECU) was established in 1991 in Perth and is  one of Australia’s most innovative public universities. The name of the university comes from the first Australian woman elected into parliament who fought for women-rights and children in Australia. The university offers over 300 different courses to over 23,000 students across multiple campuses in Perth. Diversity is important for ECU, which is exemplified by their multicultural students with different ages. ECU is listed as the best university in the world under the age of 50.

ECU offers several different business course options under the Bachelor of Commerce and their MBA, You can also study their MBA in Sydney or Melbourne instead of Perth if you like.   All the business courses at ECU are focused on making you industry ready, which means that the fourteen different majors across are all created in consultation with the industry. Studying Business at ECU is the perfect way to make yourself ready in this industry!

Why we love ECU

Studying at ECU is a great place to put your theory into practice during and after studies. Perth is also known as the “employment state” and provides enough opportunity and high enough wages to make your life easier and enjoyable.

We find this university to be very much focused on employment outcomes and a fun/engaging student experience.

Best of all, ECU offers amazing scholarship opportunities. Scholarships goes up to 25% of the tuition fees for Europoan, UK, North and South American students.

Studying in Perth is a great option for those looking to migrate to Australia as anyone who graduates from a degree in Western Australia is eligible for 3 years of post study work rights, and can get easier migration pathways via the Graduate Occupations list. Under this scheme, if you have a 1 year contract for a job on this list you can get permanent residency if you meet the eligibility requirements.

For more information about studying at ECU, the course and scholarship opportunities, please contact Go Study!

2. University of South Australia

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is South Australia’s largest university, established in 1991. Today it is ranked in the top 10 universities in Australia for full-time employment through 100% online students and is among the top 250 in the world. It holds a reputation for balancing studying theory and doing hands-on practical work with very positive student feedback.

UniSA offers many different studies in Business, like international business or Innovation and Entrepreneurship. UniSA business school is known as the number 1 business school in South Australia for graduate careers. The business school also belongs to the top 1% worldwide, and has been awarded with an overall five stars for excellence in the QS Stars Ratings 2019. Studying Business at UniSA is definitely the right choice!

Why we love UniSA

UniSA gives students freedom and flexibility with workload alongside a great social life. THe city is affordable, friendly and festive and we love it! But most importantly, UniSA business school belongs to the top 1% worldwide, so studying business here will boost your career in Business. Adelaine is also listed on the Regional Migration Scheme which has  many advantages for those looking for permanent residency.

At UniSA there are different scholarships available for International students. Scholarships can go up to 50% reduction of your tuition fees for up to four years of full time studying (but there are only a limited number of these).

Studying in South Australia is a great option for those looking to migrate to Australia as Adelaide has special incentives for international students looking for permanent residency.

Interested in studying Business at UniSA? Please contact Go Study, and we would like to provide you more information about the Business courses and scholarships available at UniSA.

4. Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University (WSU) has campuses located throughout the  western suburbs of Sydney and also in the heart of Sydney CBD. The university is dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities they engage with by being globally-focused and research-led. WSU is ranked in the top 100 for young universities. 

WSU offers a bachelor of business (Advanced Business Leadership), within this bachelor program, and a well recognised MBA. There is a strong focus on design thinking and reflective learning. During WSU courses, students will be mentored personally by leading business academics and industry practitioners. If you want to study business in Sydney, WSU would be an amazing choice!

Why we love WSU

WSU believes in a world where opportunities are endless for those with talent, drive and ambition. The courses available at WSU allows anyone to live and study to their full potential. WSU offers a progressive international student program that allows you to experience the Australian way of life. At WSU you can study in the city or at major Western Sydney Campuses. 

WSU offers different scholarships for international students. The scholarships are valued at $7,500, $5,000 or 50% of tuition fees.

Would you like to have more information about the business course offered by WSU and the different scholarships for international students? Please contact Go Study.

5. Bond University

The Bond University is a private university which has been ranked in the top 20 of Best Small Universities in the World. The student experience has sent it to Australia’s number 1 for eleven years in a row! The campus is based in Robina, a suburb in the Gold Coast that boasts the most impressive shopping and recreation facilities in all of Queensland. The University was established in 1987 and has remained small in size with less than 5,000 students to date. And of course, lets not forget its very close to the amazing beaches that span many miles along the Gold Coast. Famous for business, on gold coast

Bond University offers different business courses, from Business Analytics to International Business to classic MBA (Master of Business). In these courses you will learn the fundamentals of working or running a business anywhere in the world. Bond business school get accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which only 7% of the world’s 13,000 Business programmes have earned. If you choose to study business at Bond, you will definitely not regret!

Why we love BOND

Bond is famous for their business programs and the business program is recognised as above world standard. The campus is a place where students don’t just study but they stay back after class and hang out. There is a great sense of community and on top of that you have an endless supply of things to do on the Gold Coast social scene

Bond offers different scholarships for international students. The  scholarships go up to 50% tuition fees for academic performance.

On Nov 16, 2019, The Gold Coast will also be classified as a regional area, so there are great opportunities for international students including getting 3 years (instead of 2) post study work visa, and extra points for points tested visas for permanent residency.

Excited about studying Business at Bond? Please contact Go Study for more information about the different courses and scholarship programs. 

6. Kaplan Business

Kaplan Business School is one of the world’s most recognised private business colleges. It started in the US with founder Stanley Kaplan who was a tutor in New york. Since then it has spread internationally in the US, UK and now Australia. Kaplan has produced over 1 million graduates worldwide and continues to grow and excel in quality and holistic business program delivery. Kaplan brings more than 80 different nationalities together and promotes greater cultural awareness, diversity in the classroom and social connections. Due to the small classes there’s a lot of individual support by the expert lecturers, which also makes it easier to connect with your peers. 

At Kaplan Business you can choose between a wide range of business courses. Examples of courses are Business management or Business accounting. During the business course you will learn the fundamental theory and practical skills that are necessary to start a career in the world of business. 

Why we love Kaplan

Kaplan is the place to be for business! It’s unbeatable in its industry focused degrees, and the school is well known and respected in the business world, meaning your degree will be highly sought after by employers!

Their Masters of Business administration have 7 awesome elective streams you can study to customise your experience so you can focus on things like digital transformation, entrepreneurship, women in leadership and more!

Excited about studying business at Kaplan? Please contact Go Study and we can provide you with more information about the different business courses. 

Top 5 Colleges to Study Business:

We often recommend that you consider colleges to study business since colleges are a lot cheaper than universities. Course prices at colleges starts at $AUD 6,000 per year, while course prices at universities often start at $AUD 20,000 (before scholarships are applied). In addition to the fact that it is cheaper, you will also gain more hands on experience when studying at a vocational course. At last the hours are more flexible and the courses are recognized internationally! 

We have compiled the top 5 business lectures in Australia for you.


Greenwich Management college is a vocational school recognized by Major universities, such as Torrens University, the University of Wollongong, Macquarie University and Western Sydney University. They offer different courses in Business, Project Management, Leadership & Management and Marketing & Communications (Social Media). The campuses can be found in the city centre of Sydney and Melbourne. 

At Greenwich you can get a certificate or diploma in Business. During this bachelor you will gain the skills and practical expertise needed to advance a career in business or administration. You will also enhance your entrepreneurship skills since you will learn everything about the process of launching and running a new business.  Skills that are included are how to develop a business plan, hiring staff and providing leadership. 

This course is designed for students who want to gain the practical expertise and skills in marketing, policies and operations, risk management and human resources 

Why we love Greenwich

Greenwich is perfect because of the large amount of students you can make a lot of new friends, it offers flexible hours and they offer a lot of activities for students. It is a perfect place to develop your skills and practical expertise. The Melbourne campus was also awarded the Best Designed College campus in Victoria in the 2019 design awards – so it’s a lovely place to study.

Excited about studying at Greenwich? Please contact Go Study for more information.

2. Academy of Entrepreneurs

The Academy of Entrepreneurs (AES) is located in Pyrmont, Sydney’s bustling startup scene. The campus is across the street from Google Australia. AES is the first incubator that is nationally authorised as a college to teach a diploma and advanced diploma of business to both International students and Australians.  The classes and workshops are educated by real entrepreneurs that have built and scaled successful start-ups and businesses around the world. 

AES offers a diploma of Business, this course is perfect for students who want to enter the startup world or want to launch their own business. During the course you will learn emotional intelligence, marketing, human resources, admin and law, winning pitch, risk and project management. 

Why we love AES

We love AES because of its focus on entrepreneurship. This college is perfect for people who want to start their own business or want to work in a startup environment. It is also really nice that the courses will be taught by real entrepreneurs. 

They also have an interesting program set up for graduates who wish to stay longer in Australia using the training visa (407). They will help you get a 1 year training visa so you can work and get trained in new skills after graduation.

Interested in working at a startup or starting your own business? Please contact Go Study for more information about studying business at AES. 

3. TAFE Queensland

In Queensland TAFE is the most experienced and largest training provider. They have more than 135 years of experience and every year more than 11000 students get enrolled in the courses. They are located across more than 50 locations in Queensland. TAFE Queensland deliver different courses across a range of industries. 

TAFE Queensland offers different options to get a business diploma or certificate. At TAFE you can get for example a diploma in International Business or Business Administration. The teaching staff are experts with a high degree of industry connections. During the course you will develop your business skills which includes project work, communication with influence, workforce planning management, and risk. You can also study the business course online or at one of the campuses.

Why we love TAFE Queensland

Due to the large choice of locations, there will definitely be a place that suits your needs. TAFE Queensland has more than 135 years of experience and therefore have a lot of knowledge and deliver high- quality courses. 

Do you want more information about the different business courses at TAFE Queensland? Contact Go Study, we would love to help you with that! 


Macleay College is an accredited higher education provided that was founded in 1988 and has around 440 enrolled students. The campuses are located in Sydney and Melbourne and they offer programs in accounting, advertising, business, digital media, journalism and marketing. The teachers at Macleay college are from the industry and the colleges are focused on hands-on experiences. Students at Macleay learn how to investigate new ideas, to pursue career goals and to critically analyse the professional world. 

Macleay college offers different business courses, for example Business Management- Public relations or Business- Entrepreneurship. All the courses are focused on action, experiential learning and entrepreneurial thinking. During the courses you will get interactive presentations, individual assignments, industry specific case studies and small business-related projects that stimulates innovative thinking. 


Macleay College has a strong focus on the real world, and combine theoretical and practical skills during the course. Due to the small classes, teaching is really personal. They also out-perform Australia’s highest ranked universities in measures like graduate satisfaction and the overall quality of educational experience.

Excited about Macleay college? Please contact Go Study and we would love to help you further with the process of applying. 


LANEWAY College is a specialised leading private provider of nationally recognized courses with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne. Their focus is on specialised disciplines of business (Entrepreneurship), Leadership & Management (Intrapreneurship) and Marketing (Social Media). It was founded by entrepreneurs from the industry that wanted to provide educational courses to train and create work-ready graduates. LANEWAY College empowers students to think like innovators and entrepreneurs. 

LANEWAY college offers a certificate in business or a diploma of entrepreneurship and innovation. The business course is focused on gaining skills and knowledge about operating effectively in small-to-medium businesses. The course entrepreneurship and innovation is focused on startups and is focused on taking students through the steps of developing a commercial or social enterprise. 


We love LANEWAY College because their focus on entrepreneurship. The classes and workshops are led by business coaches, experiences technical experts, entrepreneurs and start-up founders and they focus on real-world problems and opportunities in a creative way. LANEWAY College believes that failure is not bad and that you can learn from your mistakes. This approach leads to a very open and creative environment. 

Interested in studying business at LANEWAY college? Please contact go study for a FREE consultation about the courses at LANEWAY as well as student visas.