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Great news for International student who wants to study and stay in Australia! 

Perth and The Gold Coast have been classified as a regional migration area meaning it is easier for people to live, work and stay in Australia.

Big news for international students: Perth migration and Gold Coast opportunities

It has been recognized by the Federal Government that due to the population growth the congested cities in the Eastern states, infrastructure and services have not kept pace, which leads to an increase of housing shortage, crowded public transport and heavy traffic. 
In contrast, it is also recognized that Perth and the Gold Coast has the capacity and the desire to grow. As a result the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs, new measures set will be introduced on 16 November 2019, Perth and the Gold Coast will be designated as a ‘regional’ cities. Perth migration opportunity or the plan to move to Gold Coast are thus representing new possible pathways for students that wish to stay further in Australia.

What does this mean?

This change means that Perth and the Gold coast are no longer seen as the ‘major’ cities.  Premier Mark MacGowan has announced that Perth and the Gold Coast will be added to the state Nomination Migration Program (SNMP) graduate stream. This is a great opportunity for people that have migration plan for Perth.

What are the additional opportunities and attractions for international students?

•An additional 5 points for point- based visas
•The ability for students to gain an extra year of work experience by allowing 3 years (instead of 2) on the 485 temporary graduate visa. This will help graduates to be eligible for skills assessments and work experience requirements for skilled visas (including state nominated visas).
• Scholarship opportunities up to 15,000 per year for students in Certificate IV to Doctoral level qualification at a regional campus.

Other changes for the Skilled Nominated 190 and Skilled regional 498 visas:

Below is an overview of the Graduate Occupations List requirement (from Dec 2018) – this leads to the point-based system for these 2 visas: Skilled Nominated 190 and Skilled Regional 489 (from 16 November it will be called the Skilled Work Regional 491).

The goal with these changes of the government is to attract new international students.  For more information read here

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