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Bondi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world and is very popular for international students to live, work and study.

Although Bondi Beach is the perfect place during the day to surf and swim, it is also the perfect place to party at night. Because of this, we have made a list for you of the best parties in Bondi Beach.

1. Beach Road

Beach Road hotel is one of the best places to party in Bondi Beach and is very popular with backpackers and locals. Especially Wednesday is a good day to go to Beach road because then there are a lot of backpackers to party, and it is always really busy. Furthermore, the Beach Road hotel is also the perfect place for a drink or to pool with friends.

Beach Road

2. The Bavarian

Are you that person that loves to do karaoke with friends and have a fun night? Then you should definitely go to karaoke night at The Bavarian every Monday. The Bavarian is not only fun on Mondays, but it is also the perfect place to party on other days.

The Bavarian

3. Bondi Hotel

If you want to drink cheap, Bondi Hotel is the perfect place for that. Every day they have a happy hour from 18:00 to 21:00, House Beers, House Wines & Sparkling for $5 and Cocktails: Espresso Martini/ Aperol Spritz/ Gordin’s Pink Gin for $10. On Friday and Saturday they have happy hour from 21:30 to 23:30, schooner New/ Tooheys New/ HSD/ HED, house wine, sparkling and spirits for $4.50. So for cheap drinks and a fun night go to Bondi Hotel, it is open until 4 am. 

Bondi Hotel

4. Bar 34

This is a popular nightspot in Bondi Beach and is dressed up like an American dive bar. The bar has views over the beach, and you can also order great food and cocktails here. If you go downstairs, they also have 5 nights a day the best live music, from reggae to R&B and beach rock to acoustic soul. So, this place is definitely the ideal venue for a great party or having drinks with friends. 

Bar 34

5. The Royal Hotel

The perfect bar for a quick drink and a game of pool, or a nice party into the night. From Monday to Friday they also have a happy hour from 6 pm to 8 pm, pins, house wine and house spirits for just $6. Thus, get your mates together and go to the royal hotel for a fun night!

The royal hotel

If you are in Bondi for a good time, come and say ‘hi’ in our Bondi office (249 Bondi Rd, Upstairs). We would love to help you and give you some free advice on studies and enrollment, and support for the student visa.