Go Study Australia

Ok, so you've decided that you must be able to speak English..

it’s not an option for your career. But what makes Australia the best place to learn English?

You could go to any English speaking country to have an immersion in the language. Maybe other countries are closer and more familiar to you. But let’s think about why Australia offers so much more.

Firstly, the English spoken in Australia is real English. Sure, there’s an accent, but where is there not an accent? Who wants to sound like the Queen of England anyway? When you learn English in Australia, you will be able to communicate with Americans, British, and anyone else in the world who speaks English. So really the accent is not a major consideration.

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Secondly, Australia is different. It offers some of the most amazing wildlife and scenery anyone in the world. It’s not like Europe at all, and that difference makes it so interesting.

Thirdly, it’s a very safe country. Australian cities are dynamic and cosmopolitan, but they are also very safe. Students from all parts of the world enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and the way that personal security is much less of a concern than in many parts of the world.

Fourthly, you can work 20 hours per week while on a student visa (or unlimited hours if you are on a Working Holiday Visa). Students on a student visa in the UK, USA and Canada are not able to work at all or only limited hours (10 hours in the UK) and rates of pay are much lower. Australia has the highest minimum wages in the world, so students really can afford so much more.

There are many other reasons to choose Australia as the place to learn English. But look at the other places you could choose and consider if you want the sunshine, work opportunities and an unforgettable experience!