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25 years old girl from Spain. Moving Down Under has definitely been a life-changing experience!

First time in Sydney, where I enjoyed it to the fullest! Then I relocated for work to a remote area in Western Australia called Shark Bay… What a place! After that, I thought about giving a go to Perth, where I started working in GSA and I can proudly say that I would not have changed a thing on my journey!

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Why would you recommend travelling to Australia?

Why not? You have it all in one single country, from a desert landscape in the Outback to the whitest sand beach in the world, amazing weather, wide nature and lifestyle! It is a YES for me.

Why did you choose Perth? 

Perth is that kinda place where all you need is a hat, your sunnies and bathing suit to go around. Everyone is super chill and easygoing, you still get the city chaos in a sweeter way. There is always something going on and many places to go for a road trip! Also, we have Rottnest Island with the smiley quokkas!

Do you have any tips for future travellers?

Life is not linear, it is okay to go backwards, go sideways… take the risk and see how far you can go!