Go Study Australia

“My advice to all those who have just arrived is don’t be afraid to try to work wherever they want, and don’t be discouraged on the first try because they can get it.”

Javier became a Personal Trainer in Spain after getting his degree in Sports Science. He decided to come to Australia as there are lots of job opportunities, especially in the sport industry! He also needed to improve his English and learn more about the fitness industry in Australia, as he knew it was a popular industry here.

Javier found a job in a sports nutrition store only a few days after arriving in Sydney with a flexible schedule to suit with his studies. A perfect fit!

Javier is enjoying his Australian life and plans on continuing to make the most of it!

Hi Javier! Why did you decide to come in Australia?

I studied INEF (Sports Science) back in Spain, and I worked as a personal trainer in a gym, but I wanted to improve my English and learn more about sports. So, I decided to come to Australia because there are more job opportunities here than in Spain, especially in the sports industry.

How did you find your job in Sydney?

When I arrived in Australia, I thought that it would be very difficult to find a job because I didn’t have a high level of English. However, in Australia, the attitude and the desire are actually more important than English (without a basic level of English would have been more difficult, though). Besides, GO STUDY helped me to adapt my CV to Australian standards and taught me how to approach the manager of the stores as well.

A few days after I arrived, I saw a sports nutrition store and I decided to go in and to talk to the manager. After a little interview, in less than a week in Sydney, I got the job. I really think I was very lucky. The schedule is quite flexible so I don’t work every day but that’s fine because I have free time and I can combine it with the sports course that I’m doing.

What are your tasks and responsibilities in your current job?

Basically, what I do, first thing in the morning is to see the product we have received, to place it on the shelves and look at the objectives for the day. After that, it is customer service job: advising what they should or can take to be fit, what they can take to complement their diet…

What do you like about working in a nutrition store?

The good thing about working in a store is I can practice English every day. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the Aussie accent but over time you get it. The rhythm of work in Australia use to be a bit more relaxed than in Spain. However, as the store is in the city centre and there are a lot of fitness centres around and healthy culture, we get busy most of the time.

The relationship with my colleagues is very good, we enjoy working together. Besides, they are Australians so they help me a lot to improve my English.

Any advice for all the future backpackers?

My advice to all those who have just arrived is don’t be afraid to try to work wherever they want and don’t be discouraged on the first try because they can get it.