As a Go Study Australia student, it’s important that you understand the scope of our work and what we do for you. Please read this agreement carefully and sign and date to confirm your acceptance and understanding.

Go Study Australia is a student services agency which helps international students from various countries. We provide a range of services designed to help you enjoy your experience as in international student and to ensure that you get the possible service at all times.


Go Study Australia is a student agency and, as such, we are allowed to do the following with regards your Student or Working Holiday visa application:

  • Undertake clerical work to prepare or help prepare an application or other document
  • Provide translation or interpretation services to help prepare an application or other document
  • Advising a person that they must apply for a visa


  • Pass on information produced by a third person, without giving substantial comment or explanation.

We are NOT authorised to give immigration assistance. If you have questions about immigration then we invite you to either speak with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) or you can speak with a registered migration agent.

What is immigration assistance?

Under section 276 of the Migration Act 1958, ‘immigration assistance’ is when a person uses knowledge of, or experience in, migration procedures to:

  • help to prepare a visa application
  • advise a visa applicant about his/her visa application
  • help to prepare a document in connection with sponsorship of an applicant or their sponsor


  • prepare for proceedings or represent applicants before a court or review authority
  1. As a Go Study Australia student we will provide you with clerical help in the application for a visa.
  2. As an international student you must take the ultimate responsibility for your visa. We recommend that you check the DIAC website if you are unsure about any aspect of your visa or visa application:
  3. We endeavor to provide you with all the information you need in order to apply for a visa. However, we cannot be held responsible for your visa application.
  4. By using the service of Go Study Australia you understand that this does not guarantee a visa.
  5. The terms and conditions of each of the schools, colleges and universities that we represent are binding. It is your responsibility to read such terms and ensure you understand them.
  6. Go Study Australia can recommend the MARA registered migration agents at Visacorp (MARN 0104178, 0317382, 0955711) if you need immigration advice.
  7. By signing this agreement you acknowledge that you have read and understood the scope of the work that we can provide for you at Go Study Australia.