Many people would move to Australia with all their family.

This is a really complex and long process, and can be completed only through different steps, including a Sponsorship from your Australian employer. Anyway, the ideal starting point in this case would be leaving alone, try to put the basis of a new life and let the family come to Australia only after some times.

You can start this adventure with a Student Visa (the only you can work with if you’re over 31). Visa length is related to course length and you can work part time during courses and full time in pauses. You can apply for a language corse or a professional (vocational) course (see link for details).

If you want to move with your family from the beginning you’ll be required to provide different further documents (see below) to attach to your visa request. Moving a complete takes a lot of time so better organize the whole process in advance.

School aged childrens must enroll in Australian schools, which costs between 5.000 and 10.000 AUD per year depending on Australian states (NSW, Victoria, etc)

Required documents for a family migration:

  • children birth certificates
  • marriage certificate
  • family status
  • copies of all passports (certified by the Municipality or Police etc)


All documents must be Officially Translated in English

Australian government is very strict about family migration: you have to demonstrate that the family has enough money to live and that migration purpose is actually studying (not working).

An individual migration is easier and less expensive.

To continue the migration process you’ll be required to achieve a Sponsorship from your employer: this kind of visa allows family reunification in Australia. Sponsorship are managed by official Migration Agents.

Contact us to arrange to talk to a qualified migration professional.