TaxBack_logo1When you work in Australia on your employer is required to withhold taxes from your salary and pay it to the ATO ( Australian Taxation Office ) . The amount of fees that are deducted from your paycheck amounts usually between 13% – 32.5 % and mainly depends on how it is filled in the * form for income tax returns when you start a new job .

The good news is that in most cases the temporary visa holders such as Working Holiday Visa and Student Visa are entitled to claim a refund for these tax or the end of the fiscal year ( June 30 ) , or when you leave the country in a final.

How can we help you?

The process for requesting a refund is quite complicated, so we have partnered with to assist you – has 6 offices in Australia and a 24/7 support service that allows customers to take care of their tax refund .

The average tax refund with is $ 2,600 . To find out how much it will use the computer at left or visit .

In order to file a tax refund with you will need the following documents :

  • completed form
  • Summary document or envelope final pay for each of the work carried out in fiscal year
  • ID card with photo

The time to process your application will vary depending on the time of the request , if it is performed at the end of the fiscal year will take 10-12 working days ( electronic reimbursement ) ; However, if you are leaving Australia in the middle of the fiscal year and want to start the paperwork for an early repayment fees (paper refund) , the time is of 6-8 weeks.

Calculate your refund

Why use ?

  • You will not pay anything if you do not get a refund – takes commissions only from your tax refund so you can be sure that it will be in contact with the ATO so that you receive your refund as much ‘ as soon as possible .
  • Lost documents ? No problem – know that when traveling in Australia is easy to lose documents , why have a group of experts who can retrieve the documents you are required to finalize the application
  • 24/7 support – has a 24/7 online support service that lets you know the status of your application at any time
  • 6 offices in Australia – offices in major cities – Sydney , Melbourne , Cairns , Darwin , Perth and Melbourne – for comfortable meeting face -to-face
  • Languages – offers its services in 26 different languages including Italian , French , German, Spanish and Portuguese

*You will need to fill out a form for the payment of fees each time you begin a new job , in this module you will be asked if you are resident or non – resident of Australia for tax purposes ( question 7 of the questionnaire ) – very important for first 6 months you answer NO to this question in order to avoid problems