Live, Work and Study in Byron Bay Australia
Byron Bay isn’t a city; it’s a way of being!

This small settlement located 150 km from Brisbane, on the east coast of Australia, became popular in the ’60s as a wonderful tourist destination, thanks to Australian longboarders and ‘alternative’ lifestyle-seekers (hippies!)

Byron Bay climate offers sun and perfect temperatures almost all year long. If surfing is your thing…Byron is your place. If a relaxed way of life is your dream…dream no more and head to Byron.

Apart from a thriving arts scene Byron Bay is surrounded by rain forest which makes for great bush-walking. If you like big cities this is not the place for you. If you want to re-charge your batteries it could be ideal.

Byron Bay is a perfect destination for those who want to study English in a youthful but not too chaotic environment. Byron also offers job opportunities in hospitality and tourism. The lifestyle is relaxed and friendly: everybody in Byron Bay enjoys nature, culture and ‘the scene’.

If Gold Coast is quite like Miami, Byron Bay is a small natural reserve with a very Californian attitude.

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