Live, Work and Study in Cairns Australia

Cairns is located in northern Australia and is part of Queensland state, directly facing east Pacific Ocean and surrounded by lush vegetation. With Darwin is the most populous city of the Australian tropics.

Because of its location Cairns is a popular tourist destination, and the perfect starting point for the Great Barrier Reef.
It is located on a peninsula, halfway between the Coral Sea and the Great Divide Range, the largest mountain range that crosses the Eastern Australia. Beaches are made artificially, but you can’t swim because of jelly fish and the presence of alligators.

Living in Cairns means living in an international city: his airport serves 4 major Asian hubs, road signs are translated into two/three languages and a there is a wide variety of ethnic restaurants across the streets.
Cairns climate is tropical, with a hot wet rainy season with monsoons from November to May, and a hot dry season still characterized by some heavy showers.

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Cairns Australia