Perth, where the sun never sets

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. It is popular for being one of the sunniest cities in the world, with the sun shining up to 320 days a year! Perth is completely surrounded by nature creating the quiet and relaxed Perth lifestyle.

The mining booms during the 90’s has contributed  to the strong economic structure of Perth, allowing its residents to live a wealthy and luxurious Perth lifestyle. In fact the city is one of the richest in the world. This is why Perth offers an amazing range of work and study opportunities.

When most people think about moving to Australia, Perth is rarely the first city to come to mind. However, It is a great alternative to the bustling cities of Sydney and Melbourne because of its great work opportunity, laid back lifestyle and ‘small-town’ feel.


In short, Perth is the perfect destination for those wishing to discover the genuine Australian way of life. Go Study also highly recommends Perth for those who want to stay in Australia long term as it has the best employments prospects.


Read on to find out more about the perks of studying, working and living in Perth!

Top 4 of Perth's perks
  • Cheaper cost of life
  • Better work opportunities
  • Sun all year long
  • Authentic Australian way of life

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The services in our Perth office

Go Study has opened an office in Perth in March 2017! Our Perth Team can provide all the support you need in Australia as they have experienced life as a student in Perth, and have great relationships with quality colleges. Discover our free services now:

  • Studies in Australia: Go Study will give free advice and support on your studies in Australia (English Courses, Vocational or University).
  • Job support: Our Perth team hosts regular and  free job sessions to help you find a job in Australia quickly.
  • Evenings and excursions:  Go study will help you discover Perth’s best locations with parties, excursions, surfing, camping trips, beach tours and more.
  • An amazing community:  Meet like-minded people and make great new friends by joining our wide community in Australia.
  • Personalised support: If you have a special problem, or just need some help settling in, reach out to our Perth team and we will provide you with personalised support.

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Study in Perth

Perth welcomes around 55,000 international students from more than 40 nations every year! These students come to Perth to study at some of the best english schools, colleges and universities of Australia.

Western Australia is the perfect destination for people who would like to study english and live the true Aussie lifestyle. Perth is a great place to make friends from all around the world as the people are extremely friendly and welcoming. If you are considering attending a short english course during your stay, or are planning a longer journey in Perth, Go Study will be able to find a solution which best suits your needs.

Perth’s English schools offer all kinds of courses ranging from basic english lessons, to IELTS test preparation, business English courses and even more advanced classes such as Cambridge (PTE, FCE and CAE).

Perth has a range of great colleges offering all courses to suit your interests. Go Study can advise you on the best courses according to your needs and desired outcomes. Many students like to take on professionally focuses courses that have specific job outcomes.  Some of the most popular career-focussed courses are:

  • Building and construction
  • Trade courses to be an electrician or plumber.
  • Hospitality and cookery
  • Childcare and aged care.   

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Work in Perth

Perth’s Job industry is less competitive than Sydney and Melbourne. This means it is generally would be easier to find a sponsor to allow you to stay long term in Australia.

Perth has very high employment rates for international students and salaries higher than any other city in Australia. Perth is a great place to work and study at the same time as you can save a lot of money during your stay. Many foreign students choose Perth as a destination in order to start their adventure in Australia and pursue their objectives.

Perth has high demand for qualified jobs, especially in hospitality, construction and childcare. If you have the right qualifications, experience, attitude and english level, it is likely you will easily find a sponsor in Perth. Talk to us at Go Study about which courses offer you the best opportunities for sponsorship.

With the beach and the city close by, Perth is located in a perfect position for any student or traveler who wishes to enjoy the best of the city and the beach at the same time.

Perths close proximity to major trading countries such as China, Korea, Japan and India also mean there are very strong international job opportunities to be found in the city.

Perth is also the trade hub for the vast majority of Western Australia’s mining and agriculture industries, which commonly employ international workers

Western Australia is massive, and covers nearly half of all of Australia. There are many farms spread all across the state, and each actively recruits international students and workers to assist their harvesting and production. Many students enjoy the adventure of buying a second hand car, and travelling around Western Australia, working on farms.

Some towns such Mandurah are less than 45 minutes by train from the city centre are are classified as a regional area.  This means people on a working holiday visa can still live in Perth, yet work in a regional area and qualify for a 2nd year on their working holiday visa.

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Live in Perth

Perth built on a natural bay. It is split in a half by the Swan River, commonly called North of the City and South of the City. It takes approximately 5 hours by plane to reach the major cities on the East Coast such as Melbourne or Sydney.

The Ocean is a 20 minute drive from the City Centre. In the CBD (city centre) there are lots of  hostels, nightclubs, restaurants and even a casinò. There is also an area completely dedicated to students. There is a cosy park near the State Library where students can meet, organise events, or enjoy a movie on the massive screen beside the theatre.

One of Perth’s best characteristics is Nature. If you haven’t seen a sunset over the ocean yet, you’re in the right place! In some areas you might bump into kangaroos wandering around.

Also if you can, catch a ferry to Rottenest Island.  Here you could meet cheerful parrots, wallabies, quokkas (related to kangaroos) and maybe a few sharks!

  • Cottesloe Area is 15 minutes from Perth City Centre. It is one of the best spots to watch the sunset over the ocean. Here you can swim in crystal clear water, do some snorkelling, surfing or enjoy a picnic or a BBQ under the shade of the maritime pines.
  • Kings Park and in the Botanic Garden walk: get lost in 4km of green, where more than 2500 different types of plants found their home. Here you could walk along the suspended path “Federation Walkway” and enjoy a picnic.
  • Whale watching: from September to December whales migrate from North toward the Antarctic, swimming just off Perths coasts.
  • Swim and sunbathe at stunning beaches, like Scarborough, where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful sunset and active nightlife. Cottesloe as well is one of the best spots to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.
  • Enjoy authentic Australian dishes and ethnic cuisine thanks to the high number of amazing cafès and restaurants.
  • Getting lost in the cosy streets of Fremantle,a small colonial town that is located 20 minutes from Perth. Or enjoy the area of Margaret River surrounded by agriculture and wineries.

Perth’s citizens are friendly and easy going, due to the positive and relaxed Perth lifestyle. Everybody enjoys other people’s company and the atmosphere is very calm even though Perth has around 2 million inhabitants.

Perth is a clean town with a very low crime rate. The lifestyle is social with many inhabitants enjoying time with friends and family at beach, parks, playing sport and of course having a  BBQ.

Perth has a mostly Mediterranean climate, with dry hot summers and the winters mild and rainy.

The Sun is shining always in Perth, As the sun can shine up to 320 days per year. This allows people to get outside enjoy all that the perth lifestyle has to offer. It is the perfect city for people who love sport and outdoor activities.

Perth’s public transport system is called Transperth. Transperth is well organised, clean, punctual and reliable.Transperth includes trains, ferries and buses.

Perth’s international Airport has daily flights to and from all the major cities in Australia and internationally. It is also possible to reach Perth via train (Indian pacific) or bus (greyhound).

However the best way to get around in Perth is by bike as bike paths are everywhere in the City.

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