Live, Work and Study in Sydney Australia

Sydney, located on the south-east Australian coast, is considered one of the most livable and beautiful cities of the world. Founded in 1788 it now has more than 4.5 millions inhabitants, and together with Melbourne is the economic and cultural centre of the country.

Sydney climate is temperate, summer is warm with mild nights. Winters are not so cold and there are many sunny days. Minimum temperatures reach 7-8 degrees in the coldest months. Residents of Sydney – Sydneysiders – enjoy living a healthy, outdoor lifestyle.

Sydney is well known for its harbour (Port Jackson is the biggest natural port on earth), the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but even more for its amazing beaches, such as Bondi Beach and another 120 to explore…from the quiet little cove to the famous surf beaches.

Thanks to the parks and beaches Sydney is the perfect mix of cosmopolitan city and unspoiled nature.

Sydney was, of course, the venue for possibly the best ever Olympic Games in 2000. This was an important turning point for Sydney and placed it firmly on the map of ‘global cities’ as well as confirming Australia’s position as a sports-mad nation!

Sydney is a blend of cultures where 21st century architecture, a dynamic economy, pristine nature, work, quality of life and beaches blend perfectly into a modern, safe and easy-going city.

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