Go Study Australia
Success in AustraliaSuccess comes in many shapes and sizes, but for many of our students “success” is establishing themselves in Australia and enjoying the study and work and really living a new experience. The following 10 tips may help you find success in Australia:1.       Smile. In any part of the world a positive smile can help, but in Australia it’s considered to be an essential to succeed. Smile, and Australia will smile back at you!2.       Make lots of contacts. When you leave home you leave an established network of contacts that have probably taken you a lifetime to create. When you move to Australia it’s so important to make a new network of friends and contacts to help you feel settled and to help you with all areas of your new life down under. Take every opportunity to meet new people from all parts of the world – it’s one of the greatest things about living in Australia.3.       Open your mind. If you have too many preconceptions you will close doors to opportunities. If you open your mind and accept that things are different you will enjoy it so much more.4.       Immerse yourself in English. Most of our students take an English course when they arrive and this is so important to improve your English quickly. But there are many hours outside of the classroom too. And it is how you use those hours that is so important to how quickly you will improve your English. Immerse yourself by making friends from Australia and other countries (not from your country). And take every opportunity for a chat with the locals – they’re very friendly!5.       Consider working for free. Some of our most successful students started their work experience in Australia by working for free. An internship, even if not a form internship, can be a great way to learn. If you don’t have experience this is the best way to get it. Often this can lead to good, paid work.6.       Be patient. If you expect a new life to fall into place overnight…you will be disappointed. Most people take some time to adjust. Over time your network will expand and your English will improve…and doors will open.7.       Choose the right city. Think hard about which city is right for you. If you need to have more diversity then choose Sydney or Melbourne; if you want smaller, easier cities, then choose Brisbane or Perth. And if you choose a very small place (like Byron Bay or Mackay) remember that the opportunities may exist, but they will be limited.8.       Make yourself employable. If you speak good English and you have a positive, can-do attitude you will find that employers want you. If you complain about things and don’t speak much English…then you’d better enjoy cleaning toilets!!9.       Don’t compare everything with home. Australia is different to home. If you constantly compare with home you will miss so much. Enjoy the difference and accept the things that aren’t as good as home and focus on the things that are better than home.10.   Never stop learning. Use your time in Australia to up-skill. It’s a great opportunity to learn. Start with English and then think about what other skills you would like to acquire to help your career. If you are learning and working life is pretty good…enjoy it!