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10 tips for landing and keeping work as a waiter in Australia

1. LEARN HOW TO CARRY 3 PLATES IN ONE HAND. This is a required skill and if you have it mastered prior to your first shift then you are much more likely to be called back for more.

2. A “CAN DO” ATTITUDE is a fundamental and professional behaviour.

3. PRACTICE YOUR MULTITASKING SKILLS. Waiters are required to juggle multiple priorities all at once without dropping the ball! It can be a fast-paced, high pressure and enjoyable job all at once.

4. LEARN HOW TO SERVE WINE properly and also how to correctly set a table. Managers love waiters who are well-trained in these easy to learn skills.

5. ALWAYS CARRY A BOTTLE OPENER on you, including a cork opener. Managers will notice your professionalism.

6. OUTFIT: Buy some good black pants, a black shirt and black shoes as there is a very high chance you will need them. When you are picking your shoes, you must choose closed shoes that also have good grip and are comfortable.

7. PRACTICE YOUR SMILE!! Being employed as a waiter/waitress means that you have a great amount of customer contact, and you are effectively the face of the business. If you can build rapport with customers, your boss will love you and even more, you may gain a healthy share of tips!

8. APPROACH RESTAURANTS THAT CATCH YOUR EYE. Numerous jobs within the hospitality sector are not advertised, and this is also a good way of creating a positive first impression.


English is the only official language of Australia, and a requirement of serving customers well is understanding their requests. Efficiency is important in any restaurant and therefore having a poor level of English can make your everyday tasks very difficult.

Go Study can assist you to find the right English course for you.

10. GET YOUR RSA! A Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate is necessary to work in jobs where you will be serving alcohol. Go Study can help you arrange your RSA course – contact us today!