Go Study Australia

When you arrive in Australia, finding the confidence to speak English is often more challenging than expected

English natives speak fast, you get frustrated because you can’t find the right words, your grammar is not correct, etc. This can impact your whole Australian adventure, as English is key – for you to find a job and meet new friends.

Go Study joins forces with an accredited English teacher to give you 5 tips to use in your everyday life to improve your English faster!


Get used to speaking English and familiarize yourself with the different accents. Watch videos on the internet (TED talks, YouTube channels, etc.) or on Australian TV. The main Australian channels are SBS, Seven and Ten. If you don’t have a TV, watch it online!

Extra tips:
  • Add English subtitles to help you.
  • If you miss something, move on and don’t get stuck. The meaning may come to you later when more context is added.
  • When you hear a new word or different way of pronouncing it, repeat it out loud a few times.


Be confident with your English and improve your ability to express yourself. Go out and speak with English speakers.

Stay away from tourist places and meet Australian people. Shops, bars, restaurants: everywhere is good!

Extra tips:
  • If you have native English friends, ask them to correct your pronunciation and grammar.
  • Meet people with the same interests on meetup.com.
  • Search Gumtree and find people willing to exchange language skills: they help you with English and you help them learn your native language.


Reading in English is the best way to improve your grammar and learn new words. Start gradually: read short texts such as press articles or blogs, and then challenge yourself to short stories and novels. This exercise can be quite difficult at the beginning. You need to train yourself and push yourself to read a bit every day.

Extra tips:
  • For your first book in English, choose a book you already know.
  • Books for young adults will be easier to read.
  • Don’t stop at every word you don’t know. It’s ok to miss the meaning of one sentence.
  • Use the free app Duolinguo to develop your reading comprehension.


Writing will help you improve your grammar and train your brain to think in English. Same as for reading, you need to push yourself to write a bit every day.

This is the time to start a diary or a blog about your Australian adventure!

Extra tips:
  • Use software like Linguee, Free dictionary, Synonyms to find the right word.
  • Download the free app Grid Diary.


As earlier said, English is crucial if you want your Australian adventure to be successful. If your English is weak, proper classroom-based English courses will prevent you from that overwhelming feeling and boost:

  • Your English level
  • Your confidence
  • Your social life
  • Your job search

To have good English means maximizing your ability to be on top of your new life, make your own choices and feel happy in Australia.

Extra tips:
  • Start with 1 or 2 weeks if unsure.
  • Get an English certification that can be added to your resume (IELTS, Cambridge, etc.).
  • Focus on what you are determined to improve (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, etc.).

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