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There are endless options to consider when deciding to study in another country, there's loads of highly respected universities and so many beautiful countries to experience living in. There are so many things to consider when deciding where you'd like to study, but here's a bunch of reasons we think Australia is one of the best places to do it.

#1 Excellent education system

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. According to the University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds, the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland, and the University of Sydney are among the 50 best universities of the world. Australian universities are always excited to welcome international students into their communities.Did you know that more than 80 000 international students decided to study Down Under in 2017? Don´t be sad if your first exam is graded with a D. At Australian universities, an HD (High Distinction) is the best grade. Since this is hard to reach, you should celebrate when you receive a D (Distinction). The other grades are C (Credit), P (Pass) and F (Fail). By the way – Melbourne does not only offer one of the best universities in the world but is – according to the Student City Ranking of QS – also among the 5 best student cities worldwide in 2017.

#2 Easy accessibility to a student visa

In comparison to other countries, it is quite easy to get a Visa to study in Australia. Foreign students coming to Australia can take part on the “Overseas Student Program”. Of course, you have to meet several requirements in order to get a Visa. Accessing official documents always means dealing with bureaucracy.First of all, to apply for an Australian student visa, you have to show a Confirmation of Enrollment in a study course at an Australian University.Secondly, you must be able to prove that you have enough financial resources for study fees, living costs and departure.Thirdly, you have to show a certificate that proves your English skills. Last but not least, you need different insurances, like for example health insurance and liability insurance. We know this sounds like a lot of effort, but luckily, in Australia, the process of getting a Visa for foreign students is relatively easy, and there's a bunch of qualified people to help you through it step by step.

#3 Breathtaking landscapes

Another reason to study in Australia is – of course – the beautiful landscape. You can find more than five different climate zones on this continent. Some parts of the rainforest and areas of Great Barrier Reef even belong to the UNESCO´s World Heritage List. There will be several possibilities to travel around the whole country between your terms. You can try skiing in the south-east mountains of Australia or go for an adventure in the jungle. If learning and experiencing Indigenous culture isn't enough, try one of the most famous sports in Australia: surfing on the coast.The coast of the mainland is over 36,000 kilometres long and counts almost 11,000 beaches. During your 2-4 years of studies, it won´t even be possible for you to visit all the beaches of the country. Surfing is very popular in Australia and so is the more traditional game of Cricket. This game has been played for longer than 150 years.

#4 Improve English skills

While you study in Australia you will get the chance to improve your English skills. Since English is the official language of the country, you can communicate in English with everybody – in the supermarket, in your free time, at the university. You will even be confronted with English media like magazines, newspaper, cinema movies and TV series. All organizational things like applying for the university and the VISA, signing a rental contract, registering at the new city in Australia will be in English, too.So, living and studying in Australia is really the best way to learn the English language, as you'll constantly be experiencing it in day to day life. After two or three years in Australia, you will be fluent in understanding all slangs, dialects and accents of English from all over the world. Your ears will be trained for weird accents.  Australians, or Aussies, love to shorten words. There is no other English speaking country with more abbreviations.Here are a couple of our favourites: When you play footy (football) with your cobbas (friends) in the arvo (afternoon), take care that you are not bitten by mozzies (mosquitoes).

#5 Discover a new culture and its people

You might be thinking “I can get to know a different culture and new, interesting people everywhere – I don´t have to got to Australia for that”. But we promise: You won´t regret having met Aussies and having been part of the Australian culture.Don´t be surprised if everybody is talking with you in a totally informal way right from your first meeting. It is completely normal to call everybody by their first names, even your boss or the doctor. When they don´t know your name, they will call you “mate”. Australian people are known as sociable, open and relaxed so you can easily make friends with everybody. Almost 30% of the people living in Australia are immigrants, which influences the cultural diversity of the country. You can find cultural elements from many European countries like Great Britain, Germany, Italy, or Croatia. But also many people from Asian countries like China, India, and the Philippines choose to live in Down Under.You should definitely study in Australia to get to know the Indigenous Aussies, called the Aboriginals, and their unique cultures and mindsets.Wanna eat something typically Australian? Try Crocodile, Kangaroo and Emu – yes, this kind of meat is really available in the supermarkets! According to some food experts, it even has less fat and is healthier than other kinds of meat.

#6 Easy access to part-time jobs alongside your studies

During your studies in Australia, you will easily find a student job. For enrolled students, there are several opportunities to work. With the Australian Student Visa, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester. During semester breaks you could even work full time.You can find part-time jobs that show a connection to your studies, e.g. in agencies or companies. If you just want to make money without gaining study-related work experience, you can apply as a retail assistant, a waiter, or a promoter. Just search for student jobs on the internet, like for example SEEK. This is one of the most used job platforms in Australia. With your Student Visa, you need to apply for a Tax File Number online. This TFN is essential to get paid!

#7 Better chances on the job market after your graduation

After your studies in Australia you will have higher chances of landing a job. If you decide to go back to your home country your employer will surely like your Australian degree. Your future boss will see that you can communicate in English and get along in an unknown environment. He will be happy about the excellent education and the skills you have got from your universities studies in Australia. If you decide not to return to your home country after your studies, you could apply for the "Temporary Graduate Visa". This allows you to work in Australia for 12 more months even after you have graduated. In other countries, e.g. the USA, it is far more difficult to get a working permission after your studies.Written by Laura Schüler for StuDocu

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