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Studiare Business a Melbourne: corso intensivo IBM

Business English

A course in Business English focuses on improving your commercial vocabulary and written and oral skills. With the integration of businesses worldwide, it is essential to have good spoken and written English skills. This course will help you expand your English vocabulary and improve your ability to write and speak in English in both social and professional interactions. You will also learn terminology and skills applicable to business negotiations, telephone conversations, written reports and emails, and professional presentations. 

Under the Business English course, you will learn: 

  • Email Writing and Etiquette
  • Business Communication 
  • Business Jargon 
  • English Pronunciation 
  • Answering Interview Questions 
  • Presentation Skills and Etiquette 
  • Customer Service Speaking Skills 

Leadership and Management

A course in Leadership and Management will help you establish soft and professional skills to achieve managerial and leadership abilities. You will learn to lead effectively by understanding your leadership styles, the nuances that affect your leadership techniques, delegation and motivation, and how you can make a difference in your current personality to be recognised as a leader. A Leadership and Management course can be leveraged in any field and any job profile you pursue and will qualify you to work in any industry. 

Under the Leadership and Management course, you will learn:

  • Customer service
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Problem-Solving 
  • Strategising 
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Management 
  • Business Relationship Management

Business and Entrepreneurship

A course in Business will enable you to understand the dynamics that go into becoming a successful businessperson, the terminologies and concepts, and the frameworks necessary to understand businesses. This course teaches company establishment tactics, business plan-making, competitive dynamics and disruption. With the wide cultural, social and technological diversity and scope of development that Australia brings, entrepreneurship is highly promoted, increasing your chances of successfully starting a business. 

Under the Business and Entrepreneurship course, you will learn:

  • Emerging Markets 
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Business Plan Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Professional Services 
  • Financial Management

Social Services

A course in Social Services will enable you to work for the well-being of society and work as a professional in the academic discipline of arts and humanities. Suppose you seek to facilitate the welfare of cultures, communities and individuals. In that case, you can pursue this course and carry out social work as a psychologist, or market researcher for NGOs and other businesses with social causes, education centres and schools. A course in social services shows your inclination toward people-centric jobs and a pleasing personality, which goes a long way in securing a job in marketing, sales, PR or communications.

Under the Social Services course, you will learn: 

  • Family & Child Welfare.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Social Psychology
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Social Context of Mental Health and Wellness


A course in Information Technology will help you integrate technology into your business functions and develop organisational effectiveness. Every field you go to has technology integrated into it- Business, hospitality, travel or agriculture. Therefore, it is essential to know at least the basics of technology to understand your job thoroughly. A course in Information Technology can help you be adept with the latest emerging technologies, optimal solutions and efficient ways of working. Information Technology is everywhere; it is your entertainment provider, it is how you end up at your chosen university, and it is how you get your student accommodation, and understanding the nuances of IT will help you get a ground-up approach towards work.

Under the Information Technology course, you will learn: 

  • Basics of Computer and Technology Skills
  • Software Development
  • Web Development 
  • Technical Support Analysis
  • Customer Support 
  • Troubleshooting


In conclusion, extra courses are a great way to showcase your professional skills. You can boost your chances of candidacy by showing your expertise in in-demand skills that help differentiate you from your competitors. It shows your professional development commitment and relevancy in a job or university course of your liking. 

So what are you waiting for, begin your MBA journey and contact Go Study Australia today?

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