Go Study Australia

The year between finishing high school and starting university is commonly known as The Gap Year.

Though in actual fact a gap year can be taken at any stage in one’s life where a break is needed to recharge, explore options, learn or simply have fun!


First of all the sunny climate and easygoing citizens is a great combination for backpackers. Another attractive point is the strong beach culture Australia is known for and the fact that most of the major cities are nestled along the coastline. Another quality in favour of Australia is that the culture shock is much less than going to Asia or South America, for example.

Australia of course has a distinct culture, but it is also a westernised and wealthy nation in which the economy is thriving and English is the official language. Finally, the reality that Australia is one of the most popular gap year destinations helps the experience in itself because you are most definitely going to come across many like-minded individuals on similar journeys.

Your travels will lead you to make friends not only from Australia, but from various corners of the world! During your Australian gap year, you will learn more about yourself and others in one year than you are likely to have learned in your life so far. If you come over to Australia with a Working Holiday Visa, there are limitless opportunities that await you. Working in Australia not only allows for the funding of your travels but also the chance to immerse yourself within the community and improve your English.

What you do with your time in Australia is only limited by your ambition and ability to dream. You could do anything from working in a trendy bar in Melbourne, a Dive instructor on the Great Barrier Reef, a Stable Hand on an outback ranch or a miner in Western Australia.

According to Tourism Australia, the top 10 reasons to spend your gap year in Australia are:
  1. Vibrant Cities
  2. Outback Mysteries
  3. Adventure Seeking
  4. Coastal Lifestyle
  5. Australian Icons
  6. Captivating Nature
  7. Aboriginal Experiences
  8. Epic Journeys
  9. Food & Wine Delights
  10. World Class Events

You will not regret spending your gap year in Australia!….. Well, until the point where you must leave to go home and desperately want to come back!