Go Study Australia

We’re proud to spread some great news: A recent student survey made with over 30,000 students confirmed what we were always convinced of: Australia is one of the top 3 best countries for international students to study abroad and ranked the golden middle way, second-best.

Over 30,000 students share 7 reasons why it’s so worthwhile to study down under:

  • Achieve your career goals Depending on where you come from, Australia might have a wider range of job opportunities than your home country. When you feel like you’re stuck and there isn’t much progress at your current workspace, moving places can help to take your career to the next level.
  • Personal development Let’s be real: It can be super-scary to leave your comfort zone, friends and family to move to another country. We know the struggle. But it’s a massive chance for personal growth which will happen automatically while you’re mastering all of the new adventures, challenges and tasks you face in your new life.
  • Experience a different culture and lifestyle Australia is known for an active and fun way of living with lots of fitness and outdoor activities like surfing, rugby or cricket. Spending a lot of time at the beach, having barbeques and casual drinks with friends are an absolute must. Since the residents are so open and friendly, diving into the Aussie lifestyle is an experience you’ll never forget.
  • Find your adventure Everyone can find an adventure in Australia. There are so many breathtaking landscapes and travel destinations that you won’t ever get bored of it. If adventure means to you to rent a campervan and drive along the coast, go for it. If your ultimate thing to do would be diving in a cage surrounded by sharks or all you really want is to just hang out with new mates in a new location – the choice is yours. The possibilities are endless.
  • Make friends and expand your professional network As mentioned above, finding new friends in Australia isn’t very hard. People enjoy socializing at any occasion. If you go to the right places, throw yourself out there and attend some networking events, you will meet some interesting people who can be beneficial for your personal and professional future.
  • Learn or improve a language Even if you intend to stay in Australia only for a limited amount of time before you go back to your home country or move somewhere else, you will develop valuable skills which you can use throughout your whole life. Learning a new language or improving your English level will help you anywhere around the world.

“With nine distinctive regions and twenty UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House,” the report says, “there’s so much to explore.” Australia scored highest for students who want to access higher-quality teaching and make new friends or widen their professional network. For more information about the survey, you can check out the ranking rationale.