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Bondi beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world, and very popular for surfers, daytrippers and tourists!

Many Go Study students actually choose to live in Bondi Beach as its a fun, festive community with lots of fun activities to do each day. Bondi Beach is just 8 km from the city centre and it is easy to get to by public transport from the Sydney CDB. If you come to Bondi – pop by and visit our office, only a few minutes from the beach at 249 Beach Road. A trip to Sydney is not complete without a visit Bondi Beach, and there are more great things to do in Bondi area. That is why we made a list for you with some of the best things to do in Bondi!

1. Watch the beautiful sunrise of Bondi

We would highly recommend to go early to Bondi and enjoy the amazing sunrise here. Life at Bondi starts early, so at this time you will already find people surfing, jogging and walking their dogs. Don’t miss it!

Not a morning person? Stay in Bondi until the sun goes down and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

<h2> sunrise and sunset in Bondi Beach</h2>

2. Breakfast at Porch and Parlour

To start your day go to Porch and Parlour for a very tasty and beautiful breakfast. At Porch and Parlour they cook with local products and keep health in mind. You can eat here your green brekkie bowl, while watching the sea and people working out, which will give you the real Bondi experience. 

3. Bondi Pavilion

The Bondi Pavilion has been listed by the heritage council and is a permanent art gallery, theatre and cafe. It also hosts events, like the popular outdoor cinema on summer.

4. Let’s go surfing

For the real local experience, take surf lessons for a few hours with Let’s Go Surfing. They have a lot of experience with introducing first-time surfers to the waves of Bondi, such a good way to learn surfing!

<h2> surfing in Bondi Beach</h2>

5. Bondi Icebergs

You can’t miss the Bondi Iceberg swimming pool, this is one of the most picturesque ocean pool in the south of Bondi beach. The admission costs are $7 and you can also make use of the sauna. They also have 200-seat bistro overlooking the pool, the perfect place to have a spectacular view of Bondi beach.

If you don’t want to get wet, you can also go for a fancy Italian (not cheap) lunch at Icebergs Dining Room & Bar. 

<h2> Icebergs pool in Bondi Beach</h2>

6. Do the Coastal walk- Bondi to Coogee

If  you are in Bondi, you should definitely do the coastal walk. This amazing seven-kilometre walk will take about 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on how many photos you take. And with the beautiful views, cute little cloves and the different beaches, you will probably take a lot of photos. 

If you would prefer to do a shorter walk, you can do the two-kilometre walk to Bronte which will take about 30 minutes. This walk is still breathtaking with their panoramic views of the South Pacific Ocean and the coastal cliffs. You will walk between the two most famous beaches of Sydney and it includes Tamarama and Mackenzies Bay. 

From the 24th of October to the 10th of November 2019, Bondi will host for the 23rd year consecutive “Sculpture by Sea”, for more information VIsit our Article on this HERE.

You can also take the lesser-known route to Watson bay, which is seven-kilometre and will take around 1.5 hours. This is a beautiful coastal walk which includes the spectacular city and harbour views, sandstone cliffs, Macquarie Lighthouse, the gap cliff and the forgotten military past. 

<h2> Coastal walk bondi to coogee</h2>

7. Explore the Bondi weekend market

Every weekend there is a cool market in Bondi Beach Public school. On Saturday, the market is hosts by Bondi Farmer’s market, and you can get farmer-fresh local products. The market is really popular under Bondi Locals.

On Sunday there is also a market with local designers and producers, here you will find everything from handmade jewellery and vintage clothes to clothes from designers. It is the perfect place to find a present for your family or friends or to treat yourself.  

8. Shop along Gould street

Nearby Bondi Beach you have Gould Street, a small street with trendy boutiques. In this street you can find luxury fashion from different designers, but also wholesome foods from the Earth food store.  

9. End your day with some drinks

After this long day, you definitely deserve a good drink. Bondi offers a lot of cool places to have a drink, one of our favourites is the Bucket List, located on the beach, which make it the perfect place to enjoy the sea while having a drink. 

Other places we would recommend for having a drink are; Hotel Ravesis, Panama house, The Anchor and Neighbourhood. 

And there you go, a whole full extra-busy day to make the best of one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Bondi!

<h2> The bucketlist  in Bondi Beach</h2>

Come to our Bondi office (249 Bondi Rd, Upstairs) and say hi. We can give you some free advice on studies and enrolment, and support for your student visa.

<h2> Go Study office in Bondi Beach</h2>
<h2> Go Study office in Bondi Beach</h2>