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We herewith publish Renato’s email, a student of our community, in which he tells us about the first part of his Australian experience!“Thank you! This is the first thing I feel I must say.The school is definitely worthy and the English Business Course has thoroughly satisfied my expectations. The teachers are excellent and the environment definitely friendly. Your advice was great.Beside the regular study hours, the school offers various extracurricular activities (parties, sightseeing tours around Sydney and city tours…) and I’ve been blessed in my choice to visit the Blue Mountains: a fantastic day out with a well prepared tour guide.Australia - blue MountainsAs concerns to the home-stay, it could not have been better.The family lodged me in their son’s huge annex as he is currently in the USA. My host has a passion for cooking and always engages me (he also included me in a conference call with his work team). His wife spends time with me speaking and listening to the accounts of my day.Maybe it’s the accommodation in Woollahra (conveniently located near Bondi Junction), maybe its Australia, maybe the weather but I could’ve not wished for more. Let’s call it luck!bondi beach AustraliaThe first two-night accommodation was slightly uncomfortable and the anxiety of the unknown made it even more so but it wasn’t too bad after all.I chose Bounce Hostel as prices at WakeUp had increased enormously from what you had told me plus the welcoming was a bit “rude” (staff there appeared distracted rather than welcoming). At Bounce the atmosphere was definitely more welcoming and I was surprised my roommates didn’t bother lock up their belongings. I could actually go about town without the weight of my laptop, camera and equipment. Incredible!Upon arrival in Sydney and after checking in at Bounce, I went straight to your offices and met Margaret.Go Study SupportDespite the initial disorientation trying to get my Visa papers sorted and stuff, she gave me the basic instructions (bank, Medicare, transport, school, mobile number…). In just a couple of hours I had opened a bank account, bought a SIM card and started to move around the city.What can I say: everything and everyone is welcoming!Therefore, because in a week I shall be leaving city life and set off on a journey of my own headed north, I wish to thank you again for the great support you have given me and for the excellent service.”Renato