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Are you thinking about studying business in Melbourne?

Are you thinking about studying business in Melbourne? We think that’s the right choice!

When studying business you can choose between a wide range of areas based on your personal interests. From accounting to finance or business management to business administration, there are a lot of choices. There is also a high demand for people who study business, which means that there are great job opportunities after finishing your studies.

What are the benefits of studying a business course in Australia?

RECEIVE WORLD-CLASS EDUCATION – Education in Australia is regulated by the Australian government, which means that there are laws that protect international students and the quality of education. Business schools in Australia are great for international students because they have amazing facilities and offers, these programs will help improve your career prospects.

IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS – To be successful in business, it is important that you can speak English fluently, as it is a global language. Studying business in Australia will provide a great opportunity to improve your English skills thanks to the wide range of case studies and specific terminology that you will study, not to mention that the environment in which you will study is going to be 100% in English.

PROVIDES MIGRATION OPPORTUNITIES – Studying business in Australia may give you the opportunity to stay longer, especially for those who possess skills on demand, for example, business analysts and accountants, who can apply for permanent residency if they meet the eligibility requirements.


Most employers are looking for people with multicultural skills and experiences. Getting your diploma in Australia will increase your chance of finding a job because you will learn all the skills needed to pursue your career.

HIGH STARTING SALARY – The salaries after finishing a business course is quite high. The starting salary is $AUD 55,000 annually. In fact, business studies are ranked just below computer science and engineering as the highest starting salaries for entry-level jobs!

A BALANCE BETWEEN PRACTICE AND THEORY – Study business gives you the perfect balance between theory and practice. You will not only learn all the different theories and models, but you will also have the chance to learn from real case studies and work on your own project, which will provide a hands-on learning experience.

HIGH DEMAND – There is a high demand for business graduates, a lot of companies are looking for people who studied business. So if you would like to get the highest chances of employment after graduation, studying business is definitely the right choice.

Staying longer in Australia!

Would you like to stay longer in Australia? The best way to do so and enjoy the Aussie lifestyle is by studying a course. As mentioned above, we think that studying business in Melbourne is the perfect way to stay longer in Australia. Should you decide to apply, you will get a student visa for the entire duration of your course. Then, after you complete your business studies, you might even have the opportunity to stay longer in Australia, especially if you have those skills that are in demand and meet the requirements!

Our team will be delighted to help you find the most suitable option for your needs! Our services are 100% free of charge, we can help and support you for many aspects of your Aussie experience, trips, accommodation, and job search and are proud to host multiple events including seminars, workshops, and get-togethers to allow you to live your experience down under to the fullest!

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Why study business in Melbourne? 

It seems clear that studying business is the right choice, but why should you study business in Melbourne? Melbourne is considered one of the most liveable cities in the world, because of the high standards of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

According to the QS the best student cities 2019, Melbourne is the best student city in Australia and the third-best student city in the world. Melbourne is also ranked as the 10th best city in the world for ‘employer activities’. So according to the statistics, Melbourne is a fantastic city to study in! 

We made a list of more reasons why you should study business in Melbourne. 

1. BEST CITY FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS – Melbourne is an amazing city for international students, as there are a lot of people from different nationalities studying there. Diversity and multiculturalism are the peculiarities of Melbourne, there are more than 200,000 international students from approximately 17 different countries, which enables you to make friends very easily and have many opportunities.

2. TRANSPORT – public transport in Melbourne is great, the CBD is characterized by the so-called “that free tram zone”, which means trams are free whiting the CBD, this makes it easy to get around the city.

3. WORLD’S TOP UNIVERSITIES – 6 out of 10 universities in Victoria are listed in the QS world university ranking, 2 are in the top 10 universities in Australia!

4. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES – Many international companies are attracted by Melbourne because it is considered a leading knowledge city. It is also ranked as the 10th best city in the world in terms of employability.

5. AMAZING SPORTING EVENTS – Melbourne hosts the greatest sports events of Australia; Australian Open Tennis, Melbourne Cup, Formula 1 Grand Prix, The motorcycle Grand Prix and many more. So if you are into sports, this city is perfect for you.

6. EXCELLENT STUDENT SUPPORT – The universities of Melbourne are known for providing excellent student support to international students. Furthermore, we have an office in Melbourne where we can give you all the support you need to find a course, an apartment, and a job. We also organize many great events, which makes it easier to make new friends as well as gather information and make connections.

What are the options?

Business is a very popular course not only for the wide choice of schools you have in Melbourne but also for the career outcomes. Choosing a school is not an easy task, so we are happy to give you some ideas!

If you are planning to further your studies at the Bachelor’s or Master’s level, you can choose between many universities such as the Swinburne University of Technology or Torrens University, which are well renowned and often offer scholarships for international students.

If you are more interested in studying a lower level, like a Diploma, there are plenty of private schools like Greenwich Management College that specializes in Business studies and offer specific Business and Management courses to boost your skills and help you make up your mind if you want to consider a higher Education course, similarly, you’ll be able to find courses that specialize in Entrepreneurship like Insight Academy that is more focused on innovations and new business ideas.

Feel free to get in touch with our Melbourne team to discover more!