Go Study Australia

If you’re looking for something meaningful, why not extend your stay and your education level in Digital Marketing?

The process is simpler than you might think, by applying to a university and completing an Australian student visa application. Through undertaking a course at one of the world’s top student destinations right here in Sydney, you’d be doing a massive favour to future you.


With students obtaining a Higher General Education level in recent years, the job market is becoming more and more competitive. Your experience in studying and living in Australia is exactly what future employers will look for as it shows a high level of resilience, independence, and exposure to different cultures. Not to mention the fun it brings, with Sydney having beautiful beaches and so many things to do. The good weather all year round isn’t too bad either. Of course, that may have been what brought you here (don’t worry, we’re not complaining about that).

There are many courses to cater to everyone’s interests, but with a focus on something current and applicable to today’s world, Digital Marketing is a good way to start.

Learning about digital marketing comes with a million job prospects. Companies that know how to appeal to today’s internet age perform significantly better than those that don’t, and employers know this. The industry has a huge demand for talented minds with new ideas. Marketing is a significant part of a company’s success and there is always room to improve, meaning that this is a great sector to explore.

Experimenting with social media and writing content is also a great way to unleash your creative side while still making sure that you can have a secure job that will always be in demand. The salary isn’t bad either, with a digital marketing manager in Australia earning an average pay of AU$81,000.

Even if you want to explore other career options, a course in digital marketing will set you up with better communication skills, and knowledge in research and analytics.

Also, learning about how to reach your customers the best way is something everyone should know whatever your position, as it brings the best returns and engagement.

Digital marketing knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving.

The courses available in Sydney include topics that you will definitely use over the course of your career in digital marketing, including SEO and customer analytics software. These can suit different learning levels, from diploma to bachelor’s and postgraduate certification being covered by a student visa, so you can jump in wherever best suits you. 

Studying in Australia allows you to experience the country in a way that tourists simply can’t. It gives you insider experience that you can only get through exploration and from getting to know the people around you – the quieter underrated activities, and a chance to live like the locals. It’s an opportunity like no other to bring your travelling experience to a completely new level.

The tuition fees can vary significantly depending on what education level you’re looking for and the mode of study, so it’s best to check individual courses at universities, or if you want less work, just contact us and ask about the specifics.

If you’re not completely set on studying at the moment but want to be in Australia longer, remember that a student visa is a perfect way to prolong your stay and enjoy the added benefits of being in one of the world’s top student destinations. You could find a community of people just like you, or completely the opposite of you, if that’s what you’d prefer. There are so many forms of support for international students to make your life a lot easier and fun, with anything from finance to finding the best food place being covered by thousands of resources just waiting to help you along on your journey.

If you’re worried about the process, don’t. It can be scary, to study in a different country, but Australia is one of the best places to do it. When changing your visa to a student one, rest assured that you will be covered for your whole studies, with some extra time before you start. You’ll also be able to work alongside your education (40 hours every 2 weeks), which means that you won’t miss out on making some money to make your experience even better. 

If you’re curious but don’t know where to start, have a look here to see what kind of visa would suit you the best and what criteria you need to qualify.

With student agency services like Go Study’s, you’ll even be helped further. We have the best knowledge and experience between us, with some great offers to help you along. The best part is that our service is all free! We can assist with all the paperwork, anything to do with enrollment and any tax or insurance issues you may have so that you can focus on getting your education without having those worries in the back of your mind. We have your best interests in mind and are waiting to help with any queries you may have. Are we making this too easy?