Go Study Australia

Watch out fitness lovers: Here’s how easy you can turn your hobby into your future career.

Australia is well known for its super-fit surfer boys and toned beach girls. It has an impressive fitness community which keeps growing every day. Do you want to be part of it and develop the required skills to start working in the industry? We show you why you will love studying fitness in Sydney and guide you through your options.

What are the benefits of studying a fitness course in Australia?

  • You get paid to be fit No more boring office work: Exercising will be part of your daily routine and staying lean and healthy are automatic side effects of your work as a fitness trainer.
  • Great job opportunities Having a fitness degree enables you to work as a well paid personal trainer or fitness instructor. Next to that, you can expand your knowledge and educate yourself in other health-related areas like massage therapy or dietetics.
  • Flexible work environment Whether you like to train outdoors or you prefer to hit the gym with your clients – the possibilities are endless.
  • Easy time management You can work full-time, part-time, self-employed or on a contract. This allows you to have a great work-life balance
  • Take your career anywhere Great news for all globetrotters: As a qualified fitness expert, you can work all around the world.
  • Make a difference As a fitness coach, you can inspire and help people to reach their individual goals so they become their best version of themselves. What a rewarding feeling!

Why study in Sydney?

It’s easy to think of convincing arguments why studying in Sydney is worthwhile. The most important ones are listed below:

  • High quality Australia’s largest city is a destination for excellent academic education due to its large number of private institutes, vocational and English colleges. Its education system enjoys a well-respected reputation all around the world.
  • Cultural diversity About 25 per cent of the residents are born overseas and more than 1.3 million speak another language than English at home. This cultural diversity makes Sydney especially popular for international students.
  • A million things to do You will never run out of things to see and explore. Besides the iconic sights, there are countless beaches to attend, events to rock and fun things to check out. If you like being active and outdoors, enjoy international food and modern shopping hotspots, Sydney is your place to be.
  • It’s easy to find a job If you want to earn some money while you’re studying, it won’t be tricky to find a side hustle that suits your schedule. You can check out platforms like gumtree or seek where thousands of vacancies are posted every day. After you graduate, you will have good work perspectives because of the high demand in the market.

Which options do you have?

The next step after your decision to study fitness is to find an educational institute which matches your needs. There are several options on how to get your fitness degree. Here is an overview of some options to look at.

If you aim for a higher level of education, the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) offers a Bachelor of Sports Coaching (Management) and a Bachelor of Dance Education. Sydney University lists a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science) where you will learn how to integrate exercise and physical activity with health, sports performance and disease prevention. A bachelor degree usually means three years of study and costs a lot of money.

If a lower qualification like a diploma sounds more interesting to you, there are many different fitness courses available. At TAFE Institute, you can study a diploma course of fitness, or various fitness certificate classes. Similar classes can also be attended at the Australian College of Sport and Fitness – who are a college that offer a wide range of courses at great prices – they even have a Yoga instructors course!. The average duration for a course is 12 months but you can combine many courses for a student visa that lasts many years.

Feel free to reach out! We would be happy to discuss further options with you in one of our Australian offices or any other office in Europe or South America.