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Are you considering to study Marketing in Australia?

With so many institutions to study marketing in Australia it is hard to know where to start. To make the decision easier for you, we made a list with the best universities and colleges in Australia to study Marketing!

Having a marketing degree will open a lot of doors for you, as for every company, it is an integral and in-demand job. These days, international students who study marketing can get a job almost anywhere since almost every brand or company needs a marketing team.

Studying marketing is definitely the right choice:)

Australia offers great opportunities to study marketing, at a university or college!

The difference between universities and colleges is the kind of qualification you get after finishing it. If you study marketing at a university, you can get a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree, while studying marketing at a college will give you a certificate or diploma’s degree.

One of the biggest differences between these two is that a bachelor’s degree is focused on theoretical skills, while a diploma or certificate degree is focused on practical skills. An example to show the difference between these two is when the focus is on your practical skills you will learn how to create your own marketing plan, while when the focus is on your theoretical skills you will learn how to analyze an existing marketing plan of a company. 

A diploma or certificate in marketing is shorter than a bachelor’s. A diploma will take you about 1 to 2 years, while a bachelor’s degree will take you three to four years.

Furthermore, a diploma is mainly subject-centric, while a bachelor’s degree covers a broader area with subjects included like mathematics and science.

At last, Some companies value a bachelor’s degree higher than a diploma or certificate, because you will learn marketing in a broader perspective. However, the best marketers learned the trade by doing, and therefore vocational courses are sometimes even a better option since it is more focused on your practical marketing skills. 

So now the difference between a diploma and a bachelor’s degree is clear, Let’s take a look at the best universities to get a bachelor’s degree and the best colleges to get a diploma degree in marketing. 

Top 5 Universities to get a marketing bachelor’s degree


Macquarie University is one of Australia’s youngest universities, founded in the ’60s in the suburb of Sydney. Today, Macquarie is in Australia’s Top 15 universities and welcomes almost 30% of its 31,000 students from overseas. It is known for its high quality of teaching using an innovative curriculum and inspiring lecturers. 

The university offers different marketing bachelor degrees like; Marketing and media, marketing management, marketing and consumer insights, and even more. So enough options for you to choose the right marketing study!


The campus of Macquarie University is surrounded by a lot of green space and out the back of the campus, you even might see kangaroos! There is a great social life at Macquarie University, and it is a bit of a party school. Next to all this fun, it is also an excellent university with good business connections. 

At last, Macquaries claims to have one of the most generous scholarship programs in Australia for international students and scholarships, which goes up to £AUD 10,000. 

Getting excited about studying Marketing at Macquarie University? Please contact Go Study, and we would love to help you further by choosing the right course and scholarship opportunities. 


Edith Cowan University (ECU) is a public university that was established in 1991 in Perth, WA. The name comes from the first Australian woman elected into parliament, who fought for the rights of women and children in Australia. The university currently teaches over 23,000 students over 300 courses across multiple metropolitan campuses in Perth. ECU values diversity, which is exemplified by its multicultural students of different ages. ECU has a 5-star rating and is listed in the best universities in the world under the age of 50. 

ECU offers is a bachelor of marketing, advertising, and public relations, studying this combination offers students to increase their creative skills and strategic business management knowledge, as well as gain critical thinking, communication, problem-solving and teamwork, which is needed for a successful career in the marketing industry. 


For most people, we educate ourselves to start building a career and an enjoyable work/life balance for ourselves. Perth is known as the “employment state” it experiences a continuous increased need for workers. This is a great place to put your theory into practice during and after your studies. We spend most of our days working; Perth provides enough opportunity and high enough wages to make that an easier and more enjoyable part of your life! 

At last, scholarships go up to 25% of the tuition fees for European, UK, North, and South American students.

For more information about studying at ECU, the course, and scholarship opportunities, please contact Go Study!


Macleay College is officially not a university, but it offers amazing marketing bachelor’s as well. Macleay College was founded in 1988 and is an accredited higher education provider with around 440 enrolled students. The college is established in Sydney and Melbourne and offers programs in journalism, advertising, digital media, business, marketing, and accounting. At this college you will learn from industry teachers and the colleges are more hands-on. Macleay college learns its students to investigate new ideas, critically analyze the professional world and pursue career goals. 

They offer a Bachelor of Business with a focus on Marketing, with this bachelor you will learn the most important marketing skills and business attributes.

During the bachelor’s, you will also take part in their internship placement program. The focus will be on action and experiential learning, which includes teamwork, industry-specific case studies, individual assignments, interactive presentations, and real-world projects.


We love Macleay college because of its strong focus on the real world, during the bachelor you will combine theoretical and practical marketing skills.  The classes are small, which makes teaching personal. You can also complete your bachelor’s within 2 years, which is faster than at a university! At last, they out-perform Australia’s highest-ranked universities in measures like the overall quality of educational experience and graduate satisfaction.

Excited about Macleay college? Please contact Go Study, and we would love to help you further with the process of applying. 


Torrens University is Australia’s third private university, opened in 2014 in Adelaide and now has locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Torrens is part of the Laureate International Universities network, a network operated by a US company that owns and operates in over 28 countries with more than 1 million students. The university has a strong infrastructure of international students and a fresh/ innovative approach to education. 

Torrens University offers a Bachelor in Business (Marketing), which is perfect for students who want to build a career in marketing. In this program, there is a huge focus on gaining hands-on experience to complement your theoretical knowledge.


Torrens is part of an exciting global network of quality institutions, students, and alumni. This network is extremely accessible by small class environments and leading online study facilities. This gives Torrens students all the tools to kick-start their professional networks and prepare them for the working world. 

Torrens is also one of the cheapest universities in Australia and offers scholarships up to 30% of your tuition fees.

Excited about studying marketing at Torrens University? Please contact Go Study for further information about the course and scholarships.


The public University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is pretty much what it says it is: A university on the coast. The beautiful kangaroo inhabited lakeside campus is just a short 20-minute drive to the nearest beach and offers a true Aussie surf lifestyle. It was established in 1994 with only 524 students, now the university spans out to 12,000 students with a strong domestic population, so you will meet loads of Aussies. It is a very popular institution for international students looking to experience Australia’s most famous beach life. 

USC offers a bachelor of business (marketing), in this program, you will learn all the skills and knowledge needed to work in advertising, branding, or strategic marketing roles. You will learn everything about brand management, marketing strategy, consumer behaviour, services marketing, product development, and social marketing.


This university offers the full package: sun, sea, sand, and studies! What more could you ask for? Sunshine Coast has some of the most stunning coasts in Australia and an abundance of casual jobs to accommodate the tourist attraction. If you are looking to study in Australia to experience beach/ surf life – this is the place for you!  

For more information about the university and the marketing bachelor, please contact Go Study!

Top 5 colleges to get a marketing diploma degree

You should also consider colleges to study marketing since this option is a lot cheaper than studying at the university. The course prices start at $AUD 6,000 instead of $AUD 24,000.  At a vocational college, you will also gain more hands-on experience, the hours are more flexible and courses are specifically designed for international students! We’ve put together the top 5 marketing colleges in Australia for you.


The Left Bank is a college that is focused on digital technologies. It is a brand of the Academy of Information Technology (AIT). They deliver high-quality learning experiences to students across different specializations. 

They offer a diploma in business with a focus on marketing in the digital world. During this course, you will learn the most up-to-date digital marketing strategies including SEO, SEM, data analytics, Content Marketing, eCommerce and Display advertising. 


We love this college because it is more serious than other colleges and you will study with like-minded students who are motivated to join the industry. So you will learn from your peers! The courses cover all the important topics needed to work in digital marketing.

Do you want to have more information about the business course at Leftbank? Contact Go Study.


Australian College of Business Intelligence (ACBI) is a provider of vocational education for domestic and overseas studies in the area of digital technologies and business. In total, ACBI has 800 students. ACBI is a diverse, social and buzzing college with a lot of new things to do. 

At this college you can choose between different marketing courses like; a diploma in Social Media Marketing, a diploma in Digital Marketing, and a diploma in Marketing and Communications. So, you can choose the direction that suits you best!


The campus of ACBI is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. ACBI offers a lot of different courses to study marketing, so you can definitely find a course that suits your needs and interests. 

For more information about the different marketing courses at ACBI, contact Go Study!

3. MNM

MNM Institute is a startup educator located in the city center of Sydney. At this college, you can find a lot of cultural diversity, with students coming from all over the world. They don’t teach you how you should live, but they coach you to identify how you want to live and find opportunities, they encourage you to do things, to make mistakes and to fix them. Their focus is on getting out of your comfort zone.

At MNM, you can get a certificate IV or a diploma in marketing and communications. At these courses, you will develop your marketing skills by undertaking marketing research, analyzing opportunities, identifying trends and building effective marketing campaigns. You will also create a viable brand to develop your entrepreneurial skills.


We love the focus of MNM on entrepreneurship, this college is great for people who want to start their own business. MNM is also a perfect college because the campus is in the city center of Sydney!

Would you like to have more information about MNM? Please contact Go Study!


Greenwich is a vocational school recognized by major universities, such as Macquarie University, Torrens University, Western Sydney University and the University of Wollongong. The campuses of Greenwich are located in the city center of Sydney and Melbourne. The vocational courses they offer are in Business, Marketing & Communications (Social Media), Project Management and Leadership & Management. 

In the courses focusing on marketing and communication, you will gain expertise in marketing concepts, communication, media planning, social media, and budgets. The focus of the course will be on the digital world and on social media.


Greenwich is a perfect college because it offers flexible hours, a lot of extra activities for students, and because of the large number of students you can make a lot of new friends!

Excited about studying at Greenwich? Please contact Go Study for more information.

5. TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland is the largest and most experienced training provider in Queensland. TAFE has more than 135 experience as a provider of vocational education and training and every year more than 110,00 students get enrolled in the study programs. They deliver different trainings across a range of industries, from diplomas to bachelor’s degrees. TAFE Queensland is located at more than 50 locations in Queensland!

They also offer a diploma in Marketing and Communication. In this course, you will develop your marketing skills and knowledge in web design, customer research, and digital marketing and communications. There is a focus on practical experience where you will develop business and marketing plans.


You can choose between 50 different locations, so you can definitely find a place that suits your needs. Because of the 135 years of experience, TAFE Queensland has a lot of knowledge and delivers high-quality courses.

Do you want more information about studying marketing and communication at TAFE Queensland? We would love to help you with that!