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Beautiful beaches, good food, amazing parties and a great place to shop

Bondi Beach is one of the best places to stay when you are in Sydney!

Because of the popularity of Bondi Beach, there are plenty of places where you can stay, from beach houses to hostels, from hotels to apartments. To help you with choosing between all these options, we have made a list for you of the 5 best places to stay in Bondi Beach.

1. Wake up Hostel

This is one of our favorite places to stay in Bondi because it is clean, affordable (prices are around 40 dollars per person per night) and a fun hostel. For this reason, a lot of young people stay here, so it’s a perfect place to make new friends. The hostel is a few meters from the beach!!

2. Bondi Beachouse YHA Hostel

This Hostel is located between Tamarama and Bondi Beach. It is a fun and affordable hostel (prices are around 30 dollars per person per night) and from the rooftop, you can enjoy the view of Tamarama beach. There are also good public transport links from here to the city centre. Because of these reasons, we would definitely recommend this hostel when staying in Sydney. 

3. Noahs Bondi Beach

Noah’s Bondi Beach is located across the street from Bondi Beach, and it is also next to the beach, restaurants, shops, cafés and public transport. It is an affordable hostel (prices are around 25 to 40 dollars per person per night) and therefore suitable for backpackers that want to experience the best beach and surf life of Sydney.


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4. Bondi Beach House

Bondi Beach house is perfect for people who want to stay close to the beach, but also want to chill and relax sometimes. The minimum stay is 2 nights and prices are around 260 dollars per night. This guest house has a lot of character and charm with its unique blend of colour, antiques, arts and eclectic items. It has an amazing terrace and is just a 3-minute walk to Bondi Beach. Thus, a perfect place if you want to enjoy Bondi life, but you also want to be able to withdraw from the crowds.

5. Adina apartments Bondi

Adina apartments offer beautiful rooms to stay in, and it is close to the beach. It is a bit more expensive than hostels (prices are around 300 dollars per night), but if you want to have more privacy and want to chill, this is the perfect place.

For those looking for a room or apartment to stay long term, there are lots of options: check Gumtree, Flatmates or GSA Sydney Facebook group for finding a room in Bondi.