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Meet Francesco, our Regional Manager UK and Wider Europe!

Australia was not just an adventure for me; it became a second home through study and hard work.

I’m Francesco, and I’ve been working for Go Study since 2015. On my skin, I still carry the sun of Perth’s beaches, the wind of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, the rain of a tropical Queensland country, the colors of Sydney’s festival of lights. After a 1.5-year experience in the Go Study office in Milan, at the beginning of 2017, I returned to Perth, my Australian city, and here I had the opportunity to open the 1st Go Study office in WA, making my skills available to incoming students and sharing my knowledge about this country of immense opportunities. 

And now? Since  2019, I have returned to Europe to take on the role of Regional Manager UK and Wider Europe.

Super Power: PERTH GURU, I know everything about Perth and Australian universities 😉

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Why would you recommend travelling to Australia?

Because it’s a land of emotions: one day, it kisses you, the next day, it topples you, but in the end, it always holds out a hand for you to get back up, smiling at you and exclaiming, ‘No worries mate’.

It makes you feel alive!

What is your favourite city?

My favourite city is Perth, although part of my heart remains in Sydney.

No other city in the world offers 300 days of sunshine in a year like Perth! Smaller and more isolated than the East Coast cities, Perth is a gem waiting to be discovered: it has the calm of a provincial town with the innovation of a cosmopolitan and dynamic city.

A sunset on Australia’s West Coast after a day exploring Rottnest Island is a priceless experience.

Sydney is the loving mother who welcomes you with open arms. It’s reassuring with its huge job offerings and the excellent academic standards of its schools. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge frame one of the world’s most breathtaking natural bays.

Tell us about an unusual episode that happened to you during your experience in australia.

During a kayak excursion, I met with two dolphins, who, enjoying my company, started circling me!

Francesco - Go Study Team

3 things you love about Australia

  • The Sunshine
  • Nature
  • The multiculturalism

Australia is unique because…

Meritocracy is at the heart of the labour system, but despite this, Australia is the perfect example of the balance between work and leisure. After a hard day spent between restaurant cookers, dusty construction sites or school desks, it’s time for a surf or run in a huge park, then finish with a BBQ in your neighbour’s backyard.

Give advice to those who want to leave

Australia has a thousand opportunities, but only sacrifice is rewarded. Bring with you the desire to get involved; remember that the more distant a goal seems, the greater the satisfaction will be.

Also, don’t forget that there is always someone with more experience than you, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice.