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Hello I am Ilenia and I work as a country manager for Go Study Australia.

I graduated in Ferrara in foreign languages and literature. I have always loved to travel and work in close contact with students; this passion has led me to visit many countries in Europe and USA so after the graduation I decided to push myself” further” and leave for Australia … Now here I am, since 2014; the beauty and peculiarity of this country have captured me so much that I’m not able to leave.

Thanks to Go Study I can do the job that I have always loved, helping those people who, like me, have decided to undertake this Australian adventure!

Super Power: Reading Students minds!

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Why would you recommend travelling to Australia?

I am so enthusiastic about being here. My first intention was to travel around Australia and discover new places, I was extremely doubtful that this could become my home. Now I don’t want to leave anymore!

Australia is a country full of possibilities starting from work possibilities to education to social life, it is the “utopian” country that allows you to do everything. It offers a wide variety of breath-taking scenery, job opportunities, different nationalities and cultures. Whatever the reason of your journey is, Australia will not disappoint you!

Why did you choose Melbourne?

Melbourne is the multicultural city. The city centre alone concentrates so many different cultures that are emphasised by the pubs, restaurants and events offered throughout the year. The city is surrounded by green areas, offers many services (that work like a Swiss watch) and has an incredible passion for sports!

Do you have any tips for future travellers?

Do not be intimidated by the distance or limited by the language. Leaving for an “unknown” destination is always and for everyone (even if in different ways) scary and thrilling at the same time! The important thing is not to be strayed by obstacles, you have to fully live and enjoy everything that a foreign country has to offer.