Go Study Australia

G'day! I am Jacopo and I have been working as a Country Manager with GO STUDY since 2010, when we opened the first office in Italy.

I am the father of our Italian division, but also a former GO STUDY student to whom Australia has changed their life, like so many! GO STUDY is my second family and working in contact with this wonderful team and the many young people looking for a dream is the main reason why I decided to return after a Down Under life experience and over 20,000 km of scorched earth under the soles of my shoes.


“Man’s freedom is definitive and immediate if he so wishes; it does not depend on external but internal victories.”
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Traveling, wandering, surfing, snowboarding, listening to good music and sharing a love of life with friends.

Why would you recommend to travel to Australia?

Australia has represented the “great journey”, the one that leaves an indelible mark on you. I like to define this wonderful country as tailor-made for a working student, looking for freedom, social and professional gratifications and lightness. Australia pampered me, made me dream and let it grow.

I recommend Australia to those who want to try living in a country where sweat and ideas are easily transformed into results, where economic autonomy can be found and where people work to live, not the other way around. If you try to mix with simplicity and Anglo-Saxon meritocracy the approach to the cheerful life of a sun-grown islander, the result will be the typical portrait of an Australian. That’s why I love Australia and why I recommend it to everyone! Add to this the Nature, with a capital N: the coral reef, Ayers Rock, the Twelve Apostles…

Why did you choose Sydney?

My favourite city is Sydney but I would spend the weekends in Byron Bay!

Sydney is the perfect city to experience work and leisure in complete harmony. You can surf before entering the office, work on the top floor of a skyscraper in the CBD and have dinner on the beach with friends (ever heard of Australian BBQs?). In addition, Sydney is the city with the largest choice of English schools and professional courses in Australia, which contributes to giving it an air of a young, cosmopolitan and avant-garde metropolis.

Byron bay is instead the dream in the drawer, a way of being, an enchanting place, the perfect refuge from stress, a cosmos of ideas, colors, nature and people from all over the world.

Tell us a unique episode that happened to you during your experience in Australia.

Only one?

To discover that those huge dark shadows under the surface of the wave are dolphins and not sharks and, rejoicing, however, to return to shore, together with my surfboard :)! What a feeling!

Pitt Street mall, a nice lady stops and asks me “Do you need help?”. I had just arrived in Sydney, I was wandering with the map in my hand and my eyes a little lost. In a few seconds she understands my Italian origins from my accent. Her eyes light up and she says, “I too was born in Italy, but I emigrated to Australia after the Second World War. I still remember how hard it is to start a new life …”. She put her hand in her pocket and hands me a $50 AUD note, wishing me “good luck”!

Losing your debit card and having a new ATM card sent to you, at no cost or delay, to a post office in a remote village in the middle of the Red Centre; Australian efficiency!

Finding out that the girl you’re talking to, in front of McDonald’s in Circular Quay, in Sydney, is actually your neighbour in Italy – just the one you never met! A “small world”!

Three things you love about Australia

  • The freedom you breathe everywhere, in landscapes but also in people and in the workplace.
  • Young and international: Australia is a melting pot of kids from all over the world, it’s an incredible Luna Park for those who want to meet people of every language, culture and background!
  • The ease and efficiency that makes it seem simple is that in Italy it would be an impossible bureaucratic mission!

Australia is unique because…

It makes what you always thought was complicated seem easy. Every time you look up at the sky you realise you are on a magical continent, where nature is still in the first place! The ease and efficiency that makes it seem simple is that in Italy it would be an impossible bureaucratic mission!

Give advice to those who want to leave

Don’t underestimate the importance of the first steps: Australia rewards, but doesn’t give.

Starting the experience with an English course is an excellent way to get to know other kids and to create a network of useful contacts also for working. The language is the main obstacle.

  • Be positive: Australians love the “positive attitude”. You’ll be amazed at how much a smile can weigh more than a certificate.
  • Keep busy: confirms what is said about Italians, we are a people of workers, as well as being esteemed for our “creativity” and our “folklore”.
  • Plan and cultivate, don’t just collect: don’t fall into the trap of living “day by day”, so here I can afford it … Australia welcomes you but knows how to be respected, time is money more than ever and visas expire. Plan ahead to try to turn your visa into a longer life experience if you wish. Don’t wait for your visa to expire to realize that you don’t want to leave!