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Hi! My name is Sabrina and I work as a Student Advisor in the Sydney office of Go Study

My name is Sabrina, I was born in Uruguay and grew up in Asturias (where part of my family comes from), another part of my family is from Sydney, that’s why since I was little I wanted to go to Australia! I came to study English, did human resources and had the Work and Holiday, which I extended to the second year after going to Cairns to work for 4 months. So it could be said that I passed all the stages (I am waiting for my Australian love for the partner and complete my visa collection). I worked on everything you can imagine, waitress, au pair, at ZARA and now at GSA.

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Why would you recommend travelling to Australia?

I recommend Australia because of everything, but especially the cultural diversity, if you just look around you can learn a lot! 

Favourite city? 

My favourite city is Sydney and it is not negotiable jajjajaja. 

Do you have any tips for future travellers?

Don’t think about it, it’s now or never! Although it is a scary thing, it is an experience where the balance is always positive. And there is WINTER in Australia, so if they are going to be here between May and September, bring a jacket.